peter costello: adapt or leave

the anointed successor to john howard told australian migrants bluntly that they adopt australian values or leave. it is about time national leaders stand up and say what needs to be said. nations shall not accept immigrants who do not share their values and laws, and worst, choose to live a lifestyle and under a law that is in conflict with the host nation. how could they be accepted as citizens of their adopted country? the saudi arabia example where foreigners must accept the saudi way of life and law is the most simple and explicit way to get this message across. you come to my country, you be like us and not unlike us. otherwise don't come or leave. why should the muslim community in australia be upset? shit, if they like to live a lifestyle like the saudis, go to saudi arabia. don't try to live like a saudi in australia. and this must apply to all countries. the immigrants have a right to make his choice. and so does the host nation to decide what is acceptable. why be a sore prick and try to stick it in a hole that would not fit, and then be angry with the hole? immigrants coming to singapore must accept this as a condition before coming here. and the govt has a right to set its conditions.


doc said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

That's right.

Some cultures are just not compatible, and neither are some individuals.

The only peaceful way is to leave them alone, to be apart, and each gets on with his own life.

Years ago Pauline Hanson said words similar to Costello's latest "electioneering" outburst. She was not so well received back then.

Most immigrants adopt and adapt to the new cuntries. However there will always be a group, of mostly losers who never cease making comparisons with "home".

This trait is prevalent amongst S'pore overseas students. And I don;t really mind it because most of them fuck off back to Singapore anyway to enter the rat-race for the 5-C's, grab their baby bonuses and behave like idiots on National Day, and hang on every word their MP's and PM hypnotises them with.

I'm sure these very same people feel EXACTLY about foreigners "invading" their sacred Mother Cuntry and misbehaving - like screwing all the local chicks, raising the rentals in districts 9,10 & 11, and pocketing all the money from their lucrative expat contracts.

Race and culture are truly FUNNY things - and that is obvious when one considers all the jokes about race which have been made though the ages. Anything loaded with emotion and attchment is bound to be FUNNY.

And the irony:

If you jump around like a fool, gangsta-rapping and screaming "Black Power" "Balck is Beautiful" "I'm black and I'm Proud", then quoting from Martin Luther or JFK, you are "culturally tuned in" to the "celebration of freedom from oppression" or some shit like that. and this is socially "cool".

Or on a local level: if you celebrated your culture and race - with all the pomp and regalia, that's perfectly OK.

However, if you just wore a white hood and carried a banner that read quite plainly "White Power", people would spit in your face. (even though you were quiet and minding your own business)

Hmmm. Lovely double standard.

redbean said...

racial and religious animosities and hatred will always be there, probably forever. the majority may grow out of it, but there will be the little enclaves that will thrive on such feelings.

having all those who share same values in race and religion to live in their own chosen country will at least minimise the potential of conflict and violence in little pockets of countries around the world. and in simple cases like oz, where some religious or racial groups came with eyes wide open to an aussie way of life but then opt to live another way of life that is antagonistic to the aussie way, they shall not be there in the first place.

people who choose to live in oz must accept the oz way of life and try to fit in. otherwise what is the advantage of living in oz when you want to live like an arab? very ironical.

hostilities based on race and religion are bad in all shades.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> hostilities based on race and religion are bad in all shades.<<

Hostilities based on any bigotry is probably undesirable.

People have got it wrong: they want to remove race, and religion... therefore, the resoning goes, we remove the hostility.

I say that if we have "freedom", we have freedom to believe in silly things and do stupid things - as long as we don't force people physically to do as we do against their will.

A great, free society is not just tolerant of differnces, it appreciates the fact that individuals are diverse individually.

Culture is but another collectivist idea.

redbean said...

collectivism, groups, tribes etc all results in you against me. and worst is that one group thinks it is superior in its belief or system and wants to dictate to others. conflict is thus unavoidable.

what i find disgusting is that if i choose to go to oz but wanted to live a life style completely antagonistic to the aussies and demand the aussies to let me do as i please, then what the shit do i go to oz for?

that is why i agree with peter costello. for people who wanted to live like the aussies, and meet their immigration criteria, then they should be welcome despite their colour or creed. and i think costello would accept them too. not hanson. that one is a racist, pure and simple.