new police measures: for better or for worst

hey you girl, come here. how old are you? where do you live? show me your ic. what is your telephone number? i am the police. the police are concerned that young people are loitering in the streets late at night and take it as their duty to inform their mummies. good for employment. now we can employ more policemen to do nannying work on the streets. and employment rate will go down. there are thousands of teenagers on the streets daily. how many more policemen will be needed to check on them? i must say the intention is good. very good. it will be better if the policemen carry some spare cash in case these teenagers have no money for transport home. or they may be hungry after a night out. but will these actions by the police be seen as harrassing or intrusion into the privacy of a person's life? even a teenager does have his right to go anywhere to please himself. does the police think that it is ok for them to suka suka check on every teenager? does the teenager have a right not to tell them her phone number? is the checking of a person/teenager's ic at the whims and fancy of the police acceptable? good night nanny. i am going home now.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Fuck lah. It's a police state. The govt directs the police to achieve whatever social agenda it wants - political, social, economic etc.

The police are used for: anti-terrorist patrols, cleaning up the drug subculture, arresting seditious politicians, chasing "challenging cases" like white elephants popping up on the landscape overnight, catching people enjoying themselves like driving fast and furious and doing it drunk.

Once in awhile, the cops are used to track down a murderer or thief (although the incidence of theft and homicide in S'pore is very low)

In other words, most of the time, the govt uses the cops to spoil your fun.

And the cops love hasslin' young people. Power trip.

redbean said...

honestly, sincerely, i believe this nannying of the young is a pure police initiative. give them some credit to come up with something lah.

abao said...

plz lor...this is called taking away our freedom.

why do we need the police to tell us to go home when Singapore is my homeland and im free to be anywhere i want?

the resources of our police can be put to better uses, such as organising more crime prevention talks, or maybe a police day where our police displays the newest weaponery and tech. stuff.

also, they should focus on catching the gunman, not sending kids home.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You are thinking like an old fart. Try and see it form the point of view of a young, rebellious, spolit and blur Singapore youth.

redbean said...

hey matilah,

you have lost your sense of humour and ability to detect sarcasm man.

i hope jb politicians are not going to say jb is now safer than singapore.