mr mean is here

school tuition fees are subject to means testing? how much a student pays depends on the affordability of his parents? well, is this 1984 or 2084? when such mean mentality is put to practice in all sectors of our lives, we have to be tagged, with all information made available to the authority. a loaf of bread will be priced differently according to the income level of the consumer. in fact everything will have a different price. from each his best and to each his worth. hey i thought this is an outdated socialist or communist concept. from each his best and to each his needs. now ain't the world getting meaner when mean people are in charge? i mean mean testing. they are not mean but they love mean testing and adore mean testing. mean is the way to go. lets all get comfortable with being mean. mean or mean testing is going to be our way of life.


bulikyre said...

"a loaf of bread will be priced differently according to the income level of the consumer."

I haven't made up my mind about this issue. But to be sure: What's your opposition to means testing (beyond half-assed wordplay)?

redbean said...

two points. is it a real subsidy or another market subsidy? this reminds me of the hospital class wards. why can't people choose to use lower class wards to save money? if c class is really heavily subsidised, then have a simpler ruling for people with certain income level not to be eligible. my main objection to this is that people must be given the choice to choose not to overspend. and those who want to over spend then it is their decision.

the second point is to subject people to interrogation, or as good as striping the poor bugger of his dignity, asking embarrassing questions. these are people in hardship. no need to tell them that they are worthless buggers by asking them about their empty bank accounts.

redbean said...

i never like the idea that the rich and power shall have power to embarrass the poor and helpless.

want to give just give. or else don't give. there is also the element of treating every citizen equally, especially in national facilities like education. or they might as well have schools for the rich, not so rich and the poor.

Matilah_Singapura said...

No one who makes the rules for the state has compassion.

They are hard, heartless, mean-spirited, power-tripping junkies.

So... how come the ning-nongs keep voting them back in?

redbean said...

wait for the ningnongs to go bonkers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Why wait?

Perhaps I should incite them to burn effigies of LKY and his gang... we can have a big day out at the East Coast - bands, line dancing and karaoke, and then everyone marches in a parade cussing out the govt and burning those frickin' effigies!

Burn baby burn... ah... the catharsis of the masses.

Hey, I think the release of negative energy in positive ways is healthy. See, I'm health concious, which makes me socially aware....hahahahaha....

Matilah_Singapura said...



...this is what S'poreans need to do. See the happy faces, see the children getting into it... who is harmed? No one.

redbean said...

i don't think we have reached that stage of effigy burning. feeding on crumbs still can survive. and as long as people are not that hungry, and when hope is still there, life goes on.