money grabbing philosophy

does the pap really believe that the people are with them and approve of all the money motivated solutions and profit making policies? do they really believe that the people do not think, cannot think, and do not know what is happening, and agree with how things are being done? maybe my interpretations of events are all wrong. that the people are all with the govt and are satisfied with how things are being done. but i still believe that when tan soo khoon said that the party is over, he probably understand the position better. and he knows what is the mood. he must have a good feel of things.


Matilah_Singapura said...

To control a population, as a govt, yu must remove as much personal i.e. individual economic empowerment as possible, and keep as many of the resources as collective property or property of the state.

Private property empowers individuals. since we can't have that shit in singapore, we have to remove as much private property as possible.

As it is really difficult to do this with RICH PEOPLE, the easiest people to screw are the VAST MIDDLE CLASS. Don't disturb the poor too much, lest they rise up and start DEMANDING that the govt helps them.

Then, my friend, you have the entire cuntry under your control.

Marvellous technique, I hope it was of help to those idea-challenged govt servants who come here on the tax-payer dollar, as they surf the net during their work day.

Scoundrels, you! ;-)

redbean said...

don't scold the civil servants lah. they are all employees trying earn a living. it is the direction set and the modus operandi that they are to follow.

the middle class is divided into upper and lower. the upper are very comfortable and mobile. it is the lower middle, not rich, not poor, balls got stuck and cannot do anything. can't remove it and once in a while got squeeze and feel the pain.

Elfred said...

About the MP... it's better to静观其变.

Dear Matilah, how smart... Hahahahaha...

redbean said...


if i am not mistaken, matilah needs you to translate your chinese into english.

Elfred said...

静 观 其 变just means 'for some reason, observe from the sideline'.

Reddie, you can read Chinese, right? I just too lazy to type translation.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I appreciate you making the effort to translate.

I'm mono-lingual. But I'm good at it, in fact I consider myself cunning lingual.

...whatever it is, be prepared to hand over more of your stuff, your life and your soul to the state apparatus.

Shit, you can even speed it up. Go to Oxley Rise and just stand at Kuan Yew's gate and throw all your money into his house. Throw some at the gurkhas, feed the animals :-)


Elfred said...


Where are you from, BTW?

I from Singapore (lah). :D

redbean said...


your translation is wrong. it means watch quitely and change accordingly or observe and react or change.

i am disappointed with you after reading matilah's posting and you don't have a clue about him.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> Matilah,

Where are you from, BTW?<<


I came from the union of male and female energies - my parents got horny one night and fucked.

I'll assume that you and I have something in common as to "where we came from". :-)

Over 20 years ago however, I "came from" Singapore to Australia. I had just ROD'd and arrived as a blur 22yr old in a "free" society to begin life as an engineering undergrad. I had come home.

The very first day on campus (true story), I witnessed an event which shifted my perceptions instantly: This occured out on the lawn at Curtin Uni - A young guy, probably about 19 or 20 takes his place and sits next to a young, cute girl. They are obviously strangers. The young guy whips out his already erect cock and starts masturbating furiously. She is agahsts and turing bright red very quickly... in vain, she attempts to ignore the pervert in action next to her. Too late - too much hesitation, she is now frozen. He cums, and lo and behold... the crowd, who is watching this "happening" CHEERS for the HERO!

Man. I was stunned. From that day since, I've believed that anything is possible and it takes individual effort - balls, courage, attitude, audacity - to GET what YOU WANT!

And there's another hidden moral to the story:

Enlightenment is a Mastubatory Experience

[cue solemn music]

Elfred said...


Emm... (wordless)

redbean said...

i like the audacity part.

the pap is just a party. at the moment it is dominate by a few key individuals. its strength is the organisation, the system, and of course the people. then one may ask, which of these elements is the most important?

the people or the organisation and system? without the latter, are the people that formidable? or without the people, it is just what it is, a paper organisation and system.

as time changes, when the dominant players are changed, and a bunch of brand new faces take over, shall people value them like their predecessors just because they took over the party?

obviously not. they are only as good as they are, until proven. or they could be just as pedestrain.

what if the organisation is duplicated and two separate groups took over? which group shall be better?