a listening pm

just heard the budget speech by hsien loong over the radio. what came across is that he is very interested in what people said in the media forum and he takes them seriously, and responded to the issues raised by the public. not sure about blogs though. this is a positive development as it shows that the media is becoming an important tool for communication with the govt. it would be good if the pm and ministers/mps/govt officers be more active and engage the people directly, once in a while. they are busy and cannot expect them to be so free like bloggers or site forumers. the full power and convenience of the internet shall be exploited by all parties to communicate and exchange views that are relevant to the people and affect public policies. writing a letter and waiting for another few weeks for a reply is passe. internet provides intant feedback and response. maybe they shall engage full time staff to man their emails or their message boxes.


Speedwing said...

A good and listening PM is what is needed. Good Luck Singapore. Long may you prosper.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The best government is the government which governs least.

Elfred said...

From the way he smiles usually in handing parliament, as a habit, he might end up being a better leader than expected...

But being better leader and being able to bring Singapore to the second phase, reshape the obsolete rusts, reform strategies are all different things.

Ghandi was also a marvelous leader... but who didn't know how to shape up India. It's still a dragon with no wings.

Matilah, the best government is the government which governs most wisely. Just views.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ghandi was assasinated.

Elfred said...

Yes, that's the point. Is Ghandi a good leader? Well, people would die for him...

But sometimes, being a good leader is not always enough. And it happens to be in such times in Singapore.

abao said...

a leader needs


just my 2 cents. :D

Matilah_Singapura said...

Ghandi was a terrible leader - I don't apologise for disagreeing with the "mainsteam".

Anyway, who needs a leader?

Only shallow people with no purpose nor sense of direction in their pathetic lives. :-)

Real humans are self-directed, can think critically and lead their own lives. ;-)

redbean said...


there are not many real humans like you kicking around. many are just born followers. so any leader will still surface to lead those who want to be led.

if hsien loong is genuine and engage the people more, develop his own style and change the wrongs for the right, he may end up a good leader.

he seems very willing to engage. and this new era is an era of engagement. the tools of communication make it so convenient just to do that.

Elfred said...

Now the problem is how 'good' is the PM? In the end, I suspect there would be more sued ah, or what...???

Charisma is what he could reach that of Ghandi.

Direction is what his entire cabinet won't have the (eg) figures to yield him of. And which is critical for Singapore in this stage.

Compassion... As long as he is passion enough about maintaining his position, he would have to be very compassionate to the people, especially those politically abled whom he might need assistance from.

Not really true, Matilah. In Romance of Three Kingdoms, many deeper political thinkers served shallow and/or directionless leaders. Eg. Lu Gong served Lu Bu, Jia Xu served Zhang Xiu, Zhuge, Pang Tong plus Xu Shu served Liu Bei, Sima Yi, Jia Xu, Xun Yu and Xun You served Cao Cao, and Tian Feng served Yuan Shao.

None of these leaders served are more deeper than their political thinkers, perhaps with the exception of Cao Cao who was exceedingly cunning, and despicable.

I hope you'd understand.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lucky we have guns in the world.

They keep politics in check.

Elfred said...

Heard that PM had graced Zouk event for what old... Alamak...

Singapore is finished... and you anarchies won't even gimme a lobang to escape? How horrible...

redbean said...

the world is like the animal kingdom. every animal is checked by another animal. so, when is checkmate?

elfred, a journey starts with a single step. you have another 50 years to walk. don't panic.

Elfred said...

Yeah, like real lah, Reddie.

Who would you think would be helpful enough to help me to... relocate???

Will this 'good and listening' PM be that kind enough to relocate me...?

I am sure foreign missions, operations and such would have a tiny little space for a tiny little nobody...







You guys think he'd even hear a whisper?

redbean said...

haha elfred,

just keep sending letters everywhere lah. but with so many unemployed, i know it is not easy. the statistics are, you know...

your little advantage is your china wife. tell those chinese companies that your wife is chinese and you don't mind relocate to china or be here working for them. either way is fine.
or try the other way. get your wife to apply for you to the china companies in china.

just do it.

Elfred said...

My wife...? She would not help me, not before not now.

Anyway, the PM's appointment of new candidates seems to be on racial representation line... Which is regretful.

Singapore could well be stuck, again.

redbean said...


i thought you said you understand politics? one of the basic premises of politics is proportional representation. and every significant interest group shall likely be represented.

you will be invited for tea if you are elfred ortega or elfred de souza or something like that.

sorry lah elfred.

Elfred said...

Not totally true. By far, over the past decades, there has been no poor/have-not chaps representing the have-nots or those stuck in Singapore, and we have a huge disproportionate representation of rich and successful outside politics and obviously running down the quality of Singapore politics.

Sad to say, I've gotten the letters for tea before. :D

redbean said...

not bad elfred,

to be invited for tea. at least they saw you up then. you were given the chance, but didn't make it.

so you can't say they never invite the less well off. oops sorry, you are not one of the less well off.

Elfred said...

I never responded. They sent it probably by error. PAP is infamous for being snobbish, unoriginal and wholesomely short-sighted.

Maybe they mistaken me with another Teck Guan with more cash in the accounts, more popularity than Eunice, and more successful as so and so leading X no. of employees, plus clinging to a bunch of doctorates as Dr Chee...

There are so many Tan Teck Guan-s around Singapore, and many are powerful figures or successful persons: LTC Tan Teck Guan, Teck Guan Ba Gua, Tan Teck Guan building and so on.

Just you watch, the parliament will have any new members but they all conform to a certain 'mould'. :D

These honorable people would chat about anything but politics... :P I don't see any point to sleep in Parliament, cos my wife said I snore (at times).

redbean said...

now i know why you missed the boat. when people invited you for tea and you chose not to attend.

invitation to tea will not be a mistake. even if it is a mistake, at least you are one step in and it is then left to you to impress.

and you claim you want to snore in parliament? how can anyone do that when paid so handsomely, to snore in parliament? you have your own answer elfred. you are not destined to be in parliament.

Elfred said...

You are probably right, that's why I have been hoping to chance upon a lobang and head for the exit. :D

Actually, whether I am destined or not is not because the little tea. Only a good leader will be my ticket in, see? And I have little interest or it's just not me to go through interviews the local manner. That's all.

Tea or not tea, when there is a pair of strong wings, the eagle can soar. Unless Singaporeans like my snoring ie... Hahahahaha... :D

Of late, no more tea invitation. So I am quite sure the PM already have a team in mind. Mark my words, it'd be the usual elements. :D

redbean said...

elfred, for weeks and months you have been crying for lobangs. and when lobang opens or comes along, you dare not enter.

that is no good. be a young man. do first. talk later. sometimes it is ok to jump in and take a ride. uncomfortable, jump out. what have you got to lose?

Elfred said...

Hahaha... PM Lee's leadership may not be enough for me. Do you really think I can't handle those petty, nosensical and somehow insulting to intelligence debates in parliament?

It's yoo dangerous to fight along an impulsive superior who can't understand people as myself.

Besides, it is no secret that civil services do cock up frequently. Look, life and death matters in the army can be so chin chai, and how many people you have under a section sergent? Only a pathetic 7!? A whole bloody platoon only 40~50 people, and you have 1 sergent 4 section lead and one bo-chap lieutenant, and so many rubbish...

If they can't choose leaders then don't boast of what bullshit great leadership and one by one risk their lives and their parents' monies and love...

And how the f+++ they choose and promote commanders to take care of your kids' precious lifes? Any foreigners wanna make a bloody guess?

And it's the same manner exercised throughout this entire administration. And this is no big secret I am throwing.

Matilah said best governance governs the least. Die lah... :D

Too bad those ministers' boys not in my hands... I'd simply tell them I at least read half of the directives before drowning or blowing any of them up than some big f*** LTC who meritocratically takes good monies, play gold and read stars...

You all realise what hell is happening in Singapore...?

I do first... I wanna siam.

I am a young man, but that doesn't mean I don't think.

Mark my words, as most talents would probably stay sidelined, and given the condition of PAP, it's gonna be definitely the same sorta elements for PM to choose. And any cards he choose will still be a [joker].

You'd know whether I am trying to mock or having a sincere view after PM's term. :D

redbean said...

haha elfred,

every card they choose will be a joker! now that pack of cards belongs to a magician. jokers are actually very rare in a pack of cards. jokers are thrown in to play intentionally. otherwise, the four suits and the number of 2s and 3s and kings and queens will be there, as predictable as a bell curve.

let me quote you what james told his brother jesus. 'if you want to be a public figure you must go to jerusalem and not hide at home.' at that time jesus was a wanted man and was afraid of being arrested.

Elfred said...

This is the 'rare pack' the PM is left with. :D And I'd grately bet with you a cup of copi it's still the same old anything but totally lacking in political elements.

You sound as if I am afraid to be arrested or wanting to be a public figure...

My priority now is save up and evacuate and join the eagles out there in greater skies. And I've delayed too long. And if I have not returned, my wife would probably never have left.

And I have never wished to be a public figure. But it's obvious if Jesus is that son of God, he'd end up in heaven.

Try me. If I land on enough fundings, I'd immediately evacuate. And this PM can throw in anything to Singaporeans is NOT my problem.

At least he'd do something good in his lifetime for me by relocating me out, and I won't bother about Singapore, no criticisms, no nothing from me when I settle out there. Everyone will be happy that way.

I have made up my mind, Reddie. Only evacuation will save me from these nightmares. I have wasted too much time in Singapore. And when I'd settle out, I'd present my shredded certs to MM and send him a self-made report card with 'poor' performance on it.

It's horrendous goverance. Face it.

redbean said...


you kept saying that you want out and burn your bridge. why would anyone from the govt want to help you to go away? anyone who tells them that their likely response will be, 'ok, you have made up your mind to take a one way ticket. then it is no longer our problem.'

with the election so near, the quickest way for you to change your fortune is to stand. and for that you need to go to low or chiam since pap does not want you. and i think it is a worthwhile gamble for a young man. what have you got to lose?

Elfred said...

Sigh... It's so funny after I explained so long you still think like this.

Why don't you just assert that I am angry that PAP doesn't want me and I should challenge MM Lee head on...? Hahahahaha...

I don't understand the way you guys think... You are getting absurd, Reddie.

You see, since I am already stuck, what've I gotta lose to whine for help? If there is one single angel out there, why not? Mr Sim also whine to the world for help when Singapore threw out his case. Now my situation is different with him, but basically it's the same.

It all depends on how stuckar it was and is. Do you think an enlightened PM will hear me and not come to the rescue? I even already suggested the idea for my our salvation, and he doesn't even need a committee to on HERP (Help Elfred Relocate Program).

Yes. For people of no value in LOO, any smart governor should relocate them out... which would make everyone happy. Why not? Moreover, he's a Christian, isn't him? Help thy neighbor in need if he can... and he obviously can. And I obviously ain't suitable to be here.

Reddie, think, Reddie, think, and think hard.

Yhewhoo! Mr PM... help... take your bonus monies but help me relocate...

Administer assistance that befits problems, Mr PM... this is part of good governance.