golf and politics

sunday morning is good for a round of golf, after posting on sex video. dr geh min used the term golf to describe politics in singapore. 'they compete against themselves. what do you expect from people whose favourite game is golf?' what has golf got to do with politics? in golf, they set up exclusive clubs where only members are welcomed. and in the past, members must be introduced by members, making it a very exclusive party for a close knit group of people who scratched each others back. outsiders are kept far away by the stringent club membership rules and golf regulations. and the golf clubs are also located in areas that are out of bound to the ordinary folks. and yes, golf is a game where a golfer plays against himself. though at times he will cheat on his flight mates, if they are not watching. preferred lie, finding a lost ball drop from his pocket, not counting air shot as practised swing etc. and after a good game and with some winnings in the pocket, time for enjoyment at the nineteen hole. golf is all about good time, fun and beautiful people.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The "gentlemen's" game of golf is played mainly by scoundrels, corporate criminals and statist thugs.

They get together on the green, to plan more ways of carving up the cuntry, for their benefit, at the expense of the Joe and Jane Average's out there who mostly live in blissful ignorance.

The great thing about sg. is that it is one of the place in the world which has the highest incidence of lightning strikes.

My advice to golfers in singapore, is to play as much as possible in the rain. :-)

I'm only doing my best to suggest ways in which I can make this planet better... and provide some entertainment for the fucker like me who just spend time getting drunk at the 19th hole. :-))

redbean said...

never never get drunk. get high, pretend to be drunk, but not drunk.

when you are drunk you become too vulnerable and you would not know what is going to hit you.

always retain 30% soberness.

i remember the story when lightning struck. then a voice roared from heaven,'fuck i miss.' don't trust him when you need him.