general election: political parties

on a sunday morning, i was musing with the names of political parties. we have our fair share of punts on our political parties' names. then i look north and things are very different. they called themselves, or recognised themselves as umno, mca, mic, gerakan, keadilan and pas. one feature that is very different from singapore that the missing of 'p' except for pas. pas can still be recognised as p...a...s. the rest are called quite differently. 'p' is a common denominator in singapore's political parties. we have p...and...p, w...p or worker's p, s...d...p, s...u...p...p, s...d...p, and s...p...p. so all our parties are called p's. we used to have the singapore alliance and the barisan socialis. but maybe because there don't have p's and can not exist here. looks like p is key to political success. i was thinking, if i were to name a new party, what kind of p would sound good? people' p, worker's p, citizen's p, singapore's p, as long as it has a p sounding at the end. but i still prefer not to p. somehow p does not sound so nice.


abao said...

those parties ended with a "p" because of a creativity deficiency :P

maybe we can have more parties with different sounding name in future, such as "CF": "Community Front", or maybe even "popular" acronyms such as "SARS": "Singapore Achieve Results Sect"

redbean said...

i think i need a pee.

abao said...

lolz :D

anyways ive juz read the Sunday Times and i find some of the content especially about the death sentence a bit disturbing.

A First-World country needing Death Penalty to keep the country "safe and free of crime"? Now that's something new.

Good night.

redbean said...

i am against taking of lives. but given the wickedness and cruelty that human beings can inflicted on their weaker men, death penalty is needed as a deterrent. make it be known to all that if they commit murder or heinous crimes against fellow men, this is their just desert.

otherwise we will be protecting the evil and wicked and do more harm to the gentle and weak.

the reasoning that an evil man will always be evil and thus death penalty will do him no good is not the point. for one, such evil man would be put away forever. two, those who are thinking to doing likewise to harm fellow men need to think very carefully.

i am for death penalty.

abao said...

im for the death penalty too, but i hate the reason "keeping the country safe and free of crime". keeping the country crime-free should be the responsibility of the police and the community, and not the death panalty as a detterent.

redbean said...

hi abao,

it is how they put it. the same solution but put it differently can be unpalatable. i agree with you on this.

there must be a whole range of punishment to meet the severity of the crime.

a slap on the wrist or a knock on the head. having a single solution will be very restrictive.

the death penalty is an evil in its own. but if it can drive fear to prevent a few more from taking that step, then it has done its work. the hardcore will still commit crime knowing very well what they will get. and they need to be put away before they did more harm and pain to others.