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general election held during good times

good times are back. there will be many goodies for everyone because the country is doing well. and the people can look forward to more goodies. this time probably more than the last time as the budget surplus is much bigger. elfred and i are expecting $15k per head. i am already smiling with the thought. how can they disappoint me and turn my smile into a frown ? : ) the budget is definitely not an election budget. it just so happen that it turns out this way. a coincidence. and it is only natural for the ruling party to call an election when times are good. i have no complain about this. as long as i get my $15k. and elfred too will be very happy. but one thing i sure know now. our economy is running on a 4 year cycle. every 4 years our economy will turnaround. and everyone can look forward to good times and to more goodies. lets cheer to that. hey, i am not complaining. just keep the goodies coming.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Well to all those fockers who believe in DEMOCRACY, it serves them damn well right.

DEMOCRACY is a suspect system - it is full of contradictions and "time-bombs". (to use a currently faddish term). Democracy is majority rule, whuch means if you can corrupt the majority, you WIN.

Which is why I personally don't believe in political democracy. The only place democracy should exist is the free market, but never in social institutions like religion and politics.

Democracy purports to guarnatee freedom and fairness and justice for individuals and societies. It failed - spectacularly! (I enjoy watching anything spectacular).

It has been shown, time and again, that democracy can be corrupted and the power of the people usurped, then swiftly turned against them in some form of tyrannical monster.

Also, invariably some unsavoury character will be voted in by the "hypnotized" majority. Pick the lastest "surprise" of democracy - the election into power of HAMAS in Palestine. A bunch of brutal, violent Islamo-fascists who kill as "duty".

Other historical examples: Hitler, Reagan, Nixon, Musollini, Mao... all shining examples of the expression of People Power. and they all "bought votes" by mesmerising the majority of their citizens, and turning their passion into political support. (dangerous shit!)

The best way to corrupt the majority is to offer them "goodies" in terms of "something-for-nothing"... actually it is not merely "nothing" - they want your vote. So they buy it with the promise of goodies, anchored fast to some idea of "moral high ground", which gives validity and a sense of "nationalistic" purpose to their "social plans". Ahh... thus the xenophobia, bigotry and jingoism begins.

An election gives everyone in the political realm, the opportunity to "write their own cheque". Leverage the people's "needs" - essentially based on their fears rooted in uncertainty, a sad lack of faith, and the inability to evaluate anything critically. In other words, too damn scared to stand up for oneself, so lets go for GROUP POWER - where we can "support each other", "identify with each other's common interests", "empathise with one's fellow man" - vomit, puke, chunder....eeeeeecchhhhhhh!

So yeah man. Let the sheep be led to their slaughter. And may the slaughter be brutal, and slow!

I wanna enjoy this one! :-)


redbean said...

actually the system that is most suspect is humanism.

Speedwing said...

Reading what Matilah has written, I gather he is not getting his $15K.

Enjoy your $15K Redbean.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, you have god issues. But I do agree, humanism is a bit flakey...actually at the extremities of this "new idea" is the complete de-humanisation of a human.

speedwing, I always believe that everyone shoudl enjoy their "free" money. even if it given to them by a thug.


abao said...

today channel 8 news announce $200 - $800 only leh......where is the 15k that you spoke of?

Elfred said...

So disappointed... No money for my journey North... :(

There're various ways of winning... but only when good people for politics helm, then we'd have a win win situation. Otherwise... amitaba.

redbean said...


think we better look for the thug, huh?

you mean they have decided that it is not going to be $15k? actually i knew it all along that it cannot be real. that's why i went to the casino, and met up with the thugs: ) and kenna thugged.

Elfred said...

Good you are back. There was this news of 'blogger are more sensible with their contents' in tonight's news. Thought you kena 'tea session' with SID people. :D

Give $15,000, in HDB grant loh. But now my wife jar-bo, he gives like no gives. Better gimme cash, so that I can get outta here.

You anachies got any bright ideas for an anachy-wannabe or not??? :D

redbean said...

haha elfred,

they are too busy with more important people. we are just kopitiam nobody. they may look see look see but i think we are quite innocent. or else how can we be expecting $15k!

Elfred said...

Both true and not quite. They will always be those... who cannot even tahan organism type...

Besides, a group of thousands starts from a group of 3... You never know, but MM knows, and he is still around. He started his 'career' all the way from London.

Hopefully they know we nobodies and give us a break.

redbean said...

ok, lets see when we will hit 3000. i will collect advertisements to support this site by then.

Elfred said...

You are already collecting ads... Mr Reddie.

Are you... emm... preparing to share the profits? You know... Like free lunches, free traveling and so for our participation here? Hehehehehe...

redbean said...

not yet. must eventually convert this into a forum. then the participation will be easier.

Elfred said...

All the best.