general election: crystal ball gazing

this is my guess of the chances of pap ministers in the coming election. i will classify them under four categories, sure win, sure win but can have upsets, quite safe, and anything can happen. sure win: chok tong, jayakumar, chee hean, george yeo, kan seng, boonwan, sure win but can have upsets: hsien loong, lky, eng hen quite safe: yaacob, vivian, tharman, boon yang, raymond anything can happen: boon heng, swee say, bow tan, hng kiang, cheow tong just my gut feels. i think a fortune teller will also have his own take and so does anyone. you guys are welcome to make your guess. no prizes for the best forecast.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

I think 95% must be in your first category. I predict 81 - 3, assuming there are still the same 84 seats to be contested.

redbean said...

hahah speed,

you must understand that there is this generation thing. the layer of senior citizens is getting thinner and thinner. many have gone home the natural way. and this is the layer that provides the greatest support to pap.

next comes the baby boomers. also a strong pap bastion. but support in this layer is diminishing because of the financial crisis, restructuring, and their inability to find alternative or decent employment.

then anything below this layer is untested territory with very young and open mind. and to a certain extent rebellious and non conformist. this layer is going be the deciding force.

ask the first layer of senior citizen, they will give the same answer as you. the next layer will be more divided. the third layer is best described as uncertainty.

Matilah_Singapura said...

[off topic]

hey would you know if youyr blog is being monitored by government snoops from Singapore?

I just heard dome rumblings that blogs are being "monitored"

Speedwing said...

matilah, I am sure all blogs are monitored. As long as we are sensible and do not insult, spread falsehood, attack without justification we have nothing to worry about.

Keep it clean and true.

Elfred said...

Very soon, I'd end up writing a new-age thesis or novel at my blog. :D

the perception of many is the results of many for the outcome of many with the consequence of many.

Sometimes, who can tell?

Beth said...

Hi there,

I just ran across your site and enjoyed reading through everything.

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redbean said...


just say i know.

what speed has said is the best way to drive away any fear. we are all citizens and concerned citizens of the country. it is expected and desirable that we talk about our national affairs, as we care. we have a stake in the nation and it will be worse off if everyone takes an arms length approach on national issues. then we will be a nation without a soul. yes a hotel. everyone a guest, with no say and do not want to say.

if talking about our home is an offence, if the people are so discerning, from policy makers to people who are watching, cannot accept the people as it is, which means it becomes a 'you against us mentality,' or like george bush said, 'you are either with me or against me' then this country is no longer a decent place to live.

everyone has a responsibility to see that this country is well. the nkf issue is a good example. just because you are in nkf, a member of nkf, and you allowed all the wrong things to go on, then you are equally guilty of crime against the nation and people.

redbean said...

hi beth,

welcome to the blog. i am glad you find it interesting. you are most welcome to chit chat with us.

starting your own blog is an adventure. if nothing happens, at least it provides an avenue or an outlet to express yourself and your views.

and when you need to chat with someone, you can also come and share with us your views.

i always say this to everyone, no one view is perfectly right. everyone has his own views. a good and reasonable view depends on the reasonings behind that view.

nice to hear from you.

redbean said...


every novel is a self expression. and your own experience is unique to you. it is only how to make it interesting.

Elfred said...

I just anyohow say. I don't even know or bother if I am churning out novels or not.

Besides, interesting or not, that should be your objective/concern, not mine. :D

redbean said...

it's ok elfred,

this is a blog. so anyhow say no need to apologise.

i also anyhow say wat.