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casinos: singaporeans are so lucky

after skimming through the newspaper reports on the casino debate, i spent less than 3 minutes, and that is how important or meaningful the debate was, i concluded that singaporeans are very lucky. and singapore is so very safe from disintegrating into a nation with loose morals. singaporeans must stand up and give a standing ovation to the strong moral standards on casinos that were displayed in parliament. many parliamentarians were worried for singaporeans and how singaporeans could be destroyed by the casinos. and they recommended many measures to protect the singaporeans. may i also take this opportunity to offer a few solid proposals for on the casinos. 1. do a means testing(i hate means testing) on any singaporeans who want to enter the casinos. and make sure they have at least $10,000 cash to lose. 2. make their family members sign a letter of consent before they be allowed to enter the casinos. with the letter of consent they can be issued with an ezlink card just for the casinos. 3. limit the number of times each person can visit the casinos. preferably once a month. too many times they will be addicted and become a danger to themselves, their families and society. 4. all gamblers must visit a psychiatrist once a month for pre addiction checkup, just in case they have been infected by the gambling bugs. they will then be issued with a pass to certify their clean bill of health. 5. more psychiatric clinics will be set up dedicated for these gamblers. 6. the anti vice unit shall set up a gambling squad to conduct surprise checks on these gamblers. i learn this from the snoop squads. they must carry their health cards with them at all times. 7. any gambler who skip their monthly appointment with the psychiatrist shall be fined and banned from gambling for 3 months. 8. the anti vice shall be empowered to call up the gamblers for interview when they deemed it necessary. wow, ain't i smart to come out with such morally correct recommendations.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, I read somewhere the IRs will not be successful unless they have local participation. For entry a Singaporean will have to cough up $100 per entry. That is a relatively small amount for the high rollers. Most Singaporeans who choose to gamble will be willing to pay that.

I do not indulge in gambling, but I will make it a point to visit the IRs when they open for business, just to see how the rich spend their money.

redbean said...

will the $100 work? after a while i think they will have to modify this $100. or else they will have a half empty or half full ir.

Elfred said...

The rich... Not a bad place for more guns show. So much money for gambling, no money for the society.

Decadence on parade. Hahahahaha...

Now, all we short of is the first group of merry men of our first ever Robin Hood.

It'd be a great place for kidnapping and hostage hosting be it in or just outside the casinos' walls.

Finally, it becomes clear...

The ultimate display of Singapore's best.

Behold! Here comes the Casinos, advocated by your very own government out to promote business with you!

Serves you right!

Elfred said...

Come to conference in our fine island, you filthy rich! Robin Hood migrates to Singapore and his merry men await. :D

The bang bang bang time is coming, filling the safe streets of Singapore with bang bang bang, celebrating the arrival of a new era.

Decadence on display. Where the rich shows that they have more monies for gambling, for vice, and do so shamelessly in the face of 'mature' Singaporeans, and its 任人唯贤.

No pain no gain, bang bang bang.

With respect.

[The Bang Bang times of Singapore.]

redbean said...

this is the transformation of singapore into a service and hospitality nation. we provide first world environment and service and safety for the rich and famous to come here and play.

we will have world class policing force to make sure everyone and their properties are safe. it is a safe haven for the rich. and that is our value add. our people will be the soldiers and guardians of these rich people. and of course we are paid for it handsomely.

not bad isn't it?

Elfred said...

In order to get the wealth of the filthy rich forever, some force could be necessary. :D

Casino is such regretful event...

Whichever it is... Hope won't gimme any problem.

redbean said...

i never regard casino as that evil. it is another choice made available. there will be addiction. but this is very different from drugs. drugs is definitely a more harmful thing as the addiction can be serious to the health of the addict.

Elfred said...

Yes... Man would die as well... Why don't you try to jump from Raffles Hotel and whether you should have a choice or not mid-way down...? Hahahahaha...

己所不欲勿施于人,even heard of that? We are talking about inducing other's miseries as if it doesn't matter.

They would jump elsewhere... but there is no need for us to give them a push.

redbean said...


unless you are a messiah, you cannot save the world. driving a car or bike is also dangerous. there are people whose lives are destined to take certain path. whatever the safeguards are put in place, there will be people who will still slip in to hang themselves. there are casinos everywhere. batam and the cruise ships. cheaper to go than the future casinos.

remember jiang tai gong fishing without a hook? the willing will do the necessary.

and now the police want to parent kids. good luck to them.

Anonymous said...

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