casino: no sacrifice like self sacrifice

sorry guys and gals. i was away for two days, using myself as the guinea pig, soaking in everything inside an active and very popular casino. how else am i to say if it is ok or otherwise. i must put myself to the test. to live my life as a occasional gambler. i am out, alive. not addicted but still thinking of returning for more. can that be an addiction. maybe i will go again next year. sorry for not responding to your postings. will start posting tomorrow. need a rest and catch up on what had happened over the last two days.


Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! No doubt humanity will salute you for your selfless sacrifice in the name of scientific truth. Spectacular.

So... did you WIN?

Speedwing said...

I visited Genting recently. The crowd on the day of my visit was made up of mainly tourists from Singapore and China. I can see the reason for the two IRs in Singapore. Hopefully there will be more tourists and secondly it will prevent the flow of Sing dollars into Malaysia.

redbean said...

$117.20! wow, fantastic. but i suffered a lot from the foul cigarette smell on my whole body and clothing.

i hope our casinos will ban smoking. or have a separate room for smokers if there is a demand. keep the air clean. that is my major complain.

and the crowd was singaporeans, taiwanese and yes, the locals from all corners of malaysia.

if they keep out singaporeans from our casinos, it will be the biggest investment flop of the century. a casino closing down for not making profit.

Guess Who said...

Is Genting better than Las Vegas?

Genting to outshine Las Vegas: You bet!

redbean said...

how to? genting is a smalltown casino with gamblers from the neighbourhood kampong. the tobacco smoke already killed me. my whole body smell with minutes and the smell lingered on till the next day.

the only one that my rival vegas could be macau, if it continues to develop. even our coming casinos has no chance, except maybe a showroom model.