business times headlines: s rajaratnam dies

don't you people find the heading a bit bland, a bit too direct? why can't they put in a little more effort in choosing a few nicer words to describe this man of words? a giant passes away, or a titan fades away. even called home to be with the lord would sound so much more pleasant then, s rajaratnam dies. he dies. so kopitiam lingo. he dies. die already. die liao. sometimes, in some matters or things that we treasure or value, people will put in that little extra effort to phrase things in a more graceful manner, and sounds so much better. i hope our media could spare a little thought on this.


Guess who. said...

Alternative headlines:

1. Rajaratnam elected into ministry of Paradise.

2. Rajaratnam the result of God's decisive vote.

3. Rajaratnam mati.

4. Rajaratnam-- the new grassroot leader in heaven

5. Couple's reunion for Rajaratnam after long wait.

6. Rajaratnam enters history.

7. Immigration officers from heaven locates Rajaratnam.

8. Rajaratnam sang 'I wanna be with you' to his maker.

redbean said...

haha guess who,

welcome to our internet kopitiam. i hope you will pop in and chat with us.

rajaratnam si liao. even my illiterate mother would not use such direct and curd description. she would say go back to long mountain, or go home. not si liao unless for total strangers.

guess who said...

The most important thing is that he got a honorable disposal, but the most important thing is he's not listening.

More alternatives:

9. Singapore says goodbye and no see you again, Rajaratnam.

10. Rajaratnam goes underground.

11. Rajaratnam, a leader now too great for puny mortal life.

12. The ticket to heaven comes for Rajaratnam.

13. Rajaratnam's heart needs a rest.

14. Rajaratnam, RIP.

15. Rajaratnam, gone case politician.

16. Rajaratnam: PAP doesn't own me now, heaven does.

17. Rajaratnam prefers ethernal peace.

18. Rajaratnam knocked knocked heaven's door, and got admitted.

19. Rajaratnam's new career in the arms of God.

20. Rajaratnam takes a new job for Singapore turning to blessing it with new found role in heaven.

redbean said...

hi guess who,

looks like your creative juice is flowing quite freely this morning. for a good man like rajaratnam the press should take some effort to say something nice for him.

rajaratnam has passed away peacefully at the advanced age of 90.

Guess Who said...

Nice001: Bye Bye to you, Rajaratnam, and may the force be with you.

Elfred said...


Guess who said...

Good, a sporting soul.

Elfred said...

Dunno anything to say. Cos wait kena say not sensitive. I suppose Reddie would love it. :D

Rest in peace... amitaba...

redbean said...


raja had led a good life. in fact there should be a feast in his honour where everyone celebrates his freedom from an ageing body. we should share his joy from being liberated from his prison of a human body.

a little joke and fun are ok for someone who has lived a good and fruitful life.

Elfred said...

I'd throw a feast once I can get outta here... Horrendous governance.

BTW, I got my email just.

BTW, any reporter wanna do something sensational? Such as:

1. The affairs of honorable grassroots leaders;

2. Sexual escapade of grassroots leaders;

3. Fucking experiences of PAP grassroots.

If you are careful enough, there is no problem doing such topics. :D

PAP... A mamouth too sick beyond cure.

redbean said...

the trick is to get it video taped, get paid, then pretend to slip it out, lost, stolen, or whatever, and get it circulated.

it will be sensational, something like tammy's stolen handphone!

Guess Who said...

Interesting. The stories of men in white in sex desert would shake the planet. It would even be hotter than Clinton's scandal.

Such things as affairs, especially with other people's spouse or boyfriends/girlfriends will be hot-sellers.

From where can we start 'researching'? Any clues?

Elfred said...

Hahaha... The trick is to let this society declines faster.

Aiyah... It's such a mess under this efficient and effective governance...

redbean said...

oh when the saint,
oh when the saint goes marching in....

Elfred said...

What ya driving at?

redbean said...

be a saint elfred.

Elfred said...

And ya afraid a saint would rule...? Hahaha...

It's quite true. I know people who would be adamant that I be blocked from politics. :D

But on the other hand... there will also be those who are eager to get saints.

This place is getting messier. Some craps will get horrified when saints or white knights glow with power. Hahaha...

Yeah... It's quite true some people are quite... and will be quite horrified of people as myself in power. People such as Durai, for eg... and those cans of worms in the army, in the civil services and so on. No one snores or absent in my parliament. :D

Horrible, Reddie? You bet.

redbean said...

you may want to join chiam or low. this could be your passport. i am sure you can't do worst than steve chia.

and hey, election is only a couple of months away. faster than looking for a job.

Elfred said...

Mr Low definitely cannot... Before Chia TL and Goh MS get their CEC membership, maybe can. It reflects the kinda leader he is.

Mr Chiam is still not that ready. I have been observing him via web via other physical sources, and I think he is prepared to retire as a philipino servant of a small area. Taking a platform that is completely not ready would be most disasterous to elements as myself.

Both are good men, however, but definitely not cut out for political leadership.

So I have been starting going around the net first to see anyone interesting to team up. As long as that person doesn't sound as crazy as Chia and Goh or just normal, it's ok. Political debates, reactions and such, I can power the team anyway. I'd need a bunch of proper people willing to tug alongside myself on blocks visits and snowball into an avalanche.

So this election not possible unless I am with the PAP, which is not possible since I have retired from YP by the usual... manner PAP sticks to.

If you enter politics, you get a proper team first. I can't get a lot of Elfred-s in this tiny island... but that also means all major parties will have difficulties getting political elements to power up their parties.

If there is a team, we'd definitely have a GRC to ourselves and quickly head out for more. I'd psycho and pitch to the people that in order to have funds for the GRC, the best is still to gain a huge potion of seats in the parliament. :D

So emm... would see how. People should check their brains if I just get any Tom Dick and Harry professionals into the team... I need best political elements, if cannot, I'd need at least people who understands enough. So keep a look out for me, Reddie.

redbean said...


if you are not liu pei, you should look for a bandwagon to take a ride. nothing wrong with low and chiam. their perceived weaknesses to you shall be the reasons for you to join them and make your harvest when you can make yourself good enough to replace them.

if you go into a hole with a lot of talent, you might not be noticed. you will be lost.

Elfred said...

Ah, that's where you are wrong, Reddie. :D

A good leader will spot a political element among 1 or many political elements in 10 or 10000 people. Especially given 365days.

A lousy leader will see nothing among 10 or 10000 with 1 or 1000 political elements mixing among the group.

It's actually a basic understanding, Reddie. It's the same as a very good political element can tell who are the political leaders no matter how many are there. A non-political bootlicker licks every 'leader' who comes by and... well...

The chemistry is this, Reddie, that political elements seldom come in alot cos their role is very restricted and unique yet important, when a political leader is so good (+appropriate) and encounters a good political element, and properly so they will click.

Yes... It sounds so unpractical. But that's the most realistic thingy ever. Getting notice or not is not an issue, because very good leader and very good elements work on certain sorta friendship, not superior-subordinate manner, cos in the journey of political powers both are mutual reliance on each other.

Someday, perhaps when you grown up you'd understand.

And there is never a good political leader whose time exist political elements and they are not at his side fighting. You just don't understand how interesting and important such synergy is.

And unlike Chiam, I rather take my time looking for possible elements than being too rushing into things. A good team can break the toughest rock and do the impossible. Now that's the team I want, and it's probably the only thing in this world that'd work wonders.

These are political concepts you must understand, Reddie. Which is why I have been also looking to get out... cos the chance for such things to happen in such talent-scarce land is... well... not very optimistic.

Mr Low is repeating what Mr Chiam had erred... but if situation declines fast enough, even Goh MS will still suffice with 'no one owes you a living' for a vote from everyone... Hahahaha...

I don't really wanna mock, but it's obviously so funny about that idiotic Goh! Hahahaha...

Gosh... What'd happen to this sinking ship with this sort of elements is unthinkable.

Reddie, politics is not a child's play or corporate ladder... Look at Thaksin. If that King can hear my advise, Thaksin is readily finished. :D

And I'd never believe in Thaksin's bullshit that his family sells the share to exit commercial interest... What'd a businessman be doing with so much power and money from the sales...?

He thinks everyone is crazy? Hahahahaha... Thaksin... as I said in YPForum sometimes back, he lacked political thinkers, and he's waiting for trouble.

Elfred said...

BTW... even if Mr Chiam exit from politics, there would be other bandwagons coming in, especially after MM has decided to meet Mr Rajaratnam.

Reddie... in political matters, you gotta have a political thinking.

You know why we ran into trouble in Suzhou? Cos we are dealing with a race which might have gone through cultural revolution but is still thousands of years more advance than INC Singapore in politics...

Believe only in good men in politics... and nothing else.

redbean said...


i think you are destined not to be a political leader. otherwise pap would have placed you on a pedestal. you have been with them and they missed to notice your political talent.

they could have missed a political einstein in their midst: ) now that is a shame. but einstein would not have given up and talked about running away or asking for a lifeboat.

Elfred said...

Einstein had already run from Germany to USA!

Talented or not, under the PAP... funny funny things happen. I have been with PAP quietly doing my observation... I know what has PAP become.

I can easily tell you, there is no need to mock, Reddie. It's not a good thing.

As I have said before. If a replacement does come and leave the money-making system with minimum changes, the entire leadership can be replaced as a political concern.

And I've just receive what DPS insurance receipt from NTUC... I'm wondering what's the f++k is this.

And remember: Einstein gave up on Germany, Einstein ran, and Einstein wrote a letter to US president and served US.

Get your fact right, Reddie.

I am not Einstein, but I'd urge the same. If the govt can, RELOCATE ME OUT NOW!

Elfred said...

Nazis was anti-Jews, Singapore is anti-IQ. A govt with IQ doesn't do stupid things and insist on stupid decisions.

Reddie, you're quite disturbing by quoting Einstein here... I very much doubt Einstein migrated to Germany. If there's any other govt needing my service, I'd gradly leave after all these years in Singapore... and follow Einstein's example.

There's no future for elements as myself in Singapore.

And destiny is never known, Reddie. Especially in politics.

redbean said...

i quoted einstein for two reasons. one is that his genius was not discovered till very late in his life. he ended up as a postal clerk being bypass for promotion and ignored by his post master.

the second part is that he is a real genius.

now you know what i mean? you figure it out.

Elfred said...

I am no Einstein, and I shan't make such guess.

But Einstein shows the needs to get out of a... stuckar environment.

While I ain't a genius, you don't need a genius in MM, SM or PM to tell after decades what's the f*** up problem in Singapore.

And I'd even beg them to relocate me elsewhere. I can't stand this nosense in my homeland... It's just horrendous.

Argh... Get me out!!!

This is my major concern.

My wife called me just now... She won't come back to Singapore... But if I can settle in China, we'd have a reunion!!!

Yhewhoo Mr PM!!! Please relocate me to one of your many operations out there!!! Please take back your bonus and re-settle me in China...

I need a reunion! Yhewhooooooo!

Can anybody up high there hear me?!

redbean said...


grow up. what makes you think that they should relocate you? are you their employees? there are a few million citizens out there.

you want to go to china you go. find your own way, like the local tv serial, chu lu. you cannot keep asking the govt to send you there. go to mfa and ask for a job. and if you qualify, then you go.

you are not a kid any more.

redbean said...

you are a atypical singaporean who cannot survive on your own. you only know how to crawl back to the govt to beg for help.

that is your true self. quite useless. whinning and whining for people to help you.

you have to be like a hongkie. strong, independent and resourceful. find your own way and make your own life. no need a govt to give you a crutch.

Elfred said...

Hahahaha... Redbean, this uis precisely an issue of stuckar mentality and attitude I've been driving at. Get real, Reddie. If I were to be born in Hong Kong, you still think I'd post like this? I'd just take a cheaper ticket to China...

You have to observe and appreciate the differences here. And when you need help, you need help and you ask for it, and demand for it whomever is supposed to have a duty over your well-being. Period on this.

Which is why I remarked... you ain't suitable for political issues, Reddie. :D

Yes... such elements are crawling all over Singapore which rendered MPS and grassroots now totally out of the shape, and creating a wholesome negative attitude against the initial expectation from the many commoners.

I am sorry to be frank, Reddie. I'd keep whining till I can stop so. Remember, problems don't go away just like this. And just as people are whining on high cost, unemployment and so on, and as you have on various issues, it's just perspective, Reddie.

If Melvin Tan has stayed, he could be whining as well... :D

It's always like this, just as Singapore would whine and whine how come nobody in the world would send help but Isreal... but that was help.

Reddie, understand certain basis of politics and governance. The way you think is grossly obsolete and will ruin this nation because if problems cannot be solved just because you see that they should be solved themselves... you'd see an avalanche someday. That's realist politics and governance. If you expect the fire in the gas station to stop itself, you'd probably see it spreading and burning down the whole city...

Understand, Reddie?

You may think I am useless now, but how useful are you to my case? :D