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nus and ntu are both raising their fees, again, the second time in two years after acquiring autonomous status. this augurs well for the education scene in singapore. the two universities will soon be among the top few universities in the world. they needed the money to raise the standard and quality of their courses and degrees. well, at least if they don't get it to the top in quality they will be in the tops in fees, in no time. maybe they are already there if we measure the fees relative to the income of the population. and if these hikes did not improve the quality, they should make a more hefty hike next year and the year after. sure the quality will improve. if i were in the opposition parties i will place education on top of my agenda. and tell the voters, if elected, fire all those who are the reasons for the fee hike. this silly thing about money equals quality must be put to a stop. we have a lot of quality shit everywhere.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The notion that "money equal quality" only works if there is a proper "feedback loop" as one would find in a free market.

It doesn't apply in a monopoly situation.

redbean said...

just on the school or university situation, it needs 4 basic ingredients to produce excellent students. excellent professors, excellent facilities, excellent culture, and excellent students.

money can only buy two of the 4 ingredients, which means 50% contribution at most. many excellent universities do not need so much money to produce excellent students.

abao said...

polytechnics just raised the school fees, now universities are doing so too...very soon, Singapore's standard of living will reach a "World Class" rate.

seeing how many people loaning money from CPF or Bank to finance their studies(and the continuing trend), it will become a vicious cycle that drains away your money...

redbean said...

these poor university graduates, spending so much money on school fees. on graduation before getting a job, either they are all in debt or their parents are in debt.

and what kind of starting salary are they going to get? so for the first one or two years they will be working just to pay off their debt.

hey this is familiar stuff man. many of the foreign workers and maids are in the same shit. all in debt before they start work to repay the debt they owed to the recruiting agents.

why are these things happening to our own people?

Anonymous said...

With the cost of living in Singapore keeps going up North and the salary keeping going down South or at miserable increment rate, how can Singaporeans not vote for the Opposition parties in the upcoming GE?

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> how can Singaporeans not vote for the Opposition parties in the upcoming GE? <<

Quite easily.





Speedwing said...

You have something against voting Matilah? We must all exercise our rights to choose who we want to represent us. You made your choice, you chose to live in Australia. Why not have the courtesy to allow the Singaporeans to make their choice?

redbean said...

i definitely will vote. and i will vote for those that are for the good of the people and my interest. why would i vote for people who make decisions that hurts me more than for me?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey man, being courteous is not my forte - I'll leave that to people who have to kiss ass to earn a living, and it is not for me to stop any one doing what the fuck they want with their oh-so-precious life. Vote or don't vote or stick the ballot up your arse... it makes no difference to me - in ANY area of my life. Do as you will!

... but I can have an opinion... Right?


redbean said...

i am not twisting your arms not to have an opinion. it is the difference in opinions that provides ingredients to a conversation.