are we becoming a police state?

there is a big article in the straits times on youth loitering after 11pm. and loitering after this hour is a no, according to the police definition. these youths were found either drinking or chit chatting or some even attempting mischief. on first thought, all youth should be tucked in bed by this hour. or they should be mugging their books. no reason to be wasting their time outside or being tempted to try the unacceptable. yes, these youth must be controlled and sent home. now, by who? who is responsible for their nocturnal activities? what if the parents allowed them to do so? some may not and did not know. do we want all our children to be in bed by 11pm? is it wrong, if parents allowed it, for children to hang out after 11pm? now what's wrong with that? what's wrong with a city that does not sleep? do we really need the police to go about rounding up children and packing them home? are we afraid of the children's safety or the safety of others at the hands of these children? there are bound to be some who are up to no good. guilty till proven innocent or innocent till proven guilty? if the police shall go around checking on children, would it amount to guilty till proven innocent? or does it mean that loitering around after 11pm is a violation of some sort? and the police is in the thick of things. i have a very funny feeling about this.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Lee Kuan Yew and the PAP elders are total SQUARES.

They've always had a bee up their arse about young people. In the 70's they tekaned my generation. We were having fun - dressing in ugly clothes, having lots of sex ("free love"), and occasionally smoking pot and getting drunk.

The PAP slammed us. They closed ALL the discos - putting tens of thousands of people out of employment and business. They targeted us for the length of our hair.
They were, and still are, motherfucking, cocksucking, devil-worshipping arseholes.

... and what is this "loitering" shit? Young people call this "hanging out". They do so in shopping centres, public spaces etc. No purpose, no reason, just being, and being there with your mates.

Picture this: if in the kampong, some young people frequented the lake, they'd just go to the lake. would the village cop come to the lake and tell these kids not to "loiter"? Unbelivable!

I believe in any society, all you have to do is set boundaries for the young, then just leave them alone to live their lives.

The police should be kept strictly for dealing with criminal activity - theft, property crime, bodily harm and homicide.Cops should never be used to enforce "morals" or to silence political and democratically individual dissent.

redbean said...

we should be promoting a paradise on earth concept where people can play 24 hours, completely safe, for adults and children.

have a strong mercenary police force, pay them extremely well to keep the peace. not chasing after children to go home. that leave it to the parents.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Absolutely. Keep the riff-raff OUT!

redbean said...

nay...nay nay...nay nay.