angmohs are really smart.

if i were an angmoh organisation, and if i want to spread my soft culture to influence the world, and at the same time provide high salary employment for my academics, this is what i will do. set up an agency to rank universities around the world according to my criteria. the same way the miss world or miss universe contests were organised and conducted. the same angmoh biased criteria. some of these criteria that will be important are: 1. the number of notable angmoh academics teaching in the universities. 2. how to judge them as notables? a lot of publications in renowned publications and professional journals. and for these, the angmohs have a comparative advantage as all or most of the renowned journals are angmoh journals. 3. and who to do the judging, the angmohs of course. so all the wannabe third world universities will be scrambling to meet these criteria to be ranked among the greats in this angmoh ranking organisations. they will end up employing all the great angmoh academics and pay them great angmoh salaries. and these great angmoh academics will be so highly regarded that it will be so easy for them to go out there to influence the minds and thinking of the future leaders of the third world countries. did i hear neo colonialism of the minds? and for those third world academics who ended up losing their jobs in their own national universities, just too bad. they are not good enough. don't fit the criteria of what is great. any angmoh reading this, please pat yourself on your back for such a brilliant concept. i mean it. the third world wannabes will be crawling on their knees to beg the great angmoh academics to grace their shores.


Beth said...

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Matilah_Singapura said...

You've missed the point.

It isn't as if ang mohs are bad (anyone can do what they like - it is their life)..

...it is the bloody kow tow Asians who kiss the ang moh's arses, thereby making the ang moh more "in demand".

By my own observations, ang mohs are "worshipped" for their "individualism".

Too fuckin bad for the Asians huh? ;-)

Speedwing said...

I must admit I am in agreement with Matilah on this issue. The Asians have this mindset that anyone with fair skin and hair and blue eyes must be more superior to the Asians. How wrong can they be!!! I have lived in UK for the last 40 years and my conclusion is that the reverse is more to the point. I feel that we are more superior than the ang mohs in many ways. Ofcourse there are certain areas where they are better than us.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> I feel that we are more superior than the ang mohs in many ways. Ofcourse there are certain areas where they are better than us. <<

See that's exactly what I mean. speedwing, you are a typical example, of thinking in terms of racial supriority. Thanks for sharing :-)

Embrace your inner racist :-))

redbean said...

my view is that for the last few centuries the angmohs have made great strides ahead in all areas and fields. the rest of the world has been left behind for all these years.

when i said angmohs are great, i meant it. the rest of the world is just trying to catch up. but still lagging very far behind. and the angmohs have many thinktank organisations planning big moves that by the time we realised what had happened, we have been left behind again.

but the other point is our own stupidity to fall into their schemes of things. we debased ourselves and look down upon ourselves. we rather kneel down in front of angmohs and beg to be screwed.

we are good in certain things. but for the moment, the angmohs are good in most things. that is the truth. look at all the inventions and latest technologies and gadgets? practically all are created by angmohs. we can only copy and try to improve on some. look around your house or around the office or in the open, practically everything useful are angmoh creation.

we must accept that. but no need to kneel and beg. we need to stand up and try to better ourselves. we cannot deny the great contributions of the angmohs towards civilisation during the last few centuries.

Anonymous said...

fong shui lun liu chuan. around half of what was once the so called empire with no setting sun no longer even have the moon just three decades ago. Now even the bald eagle is finding difficulty to rule the roost.

its the coming of the asians.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

it is true that fortunes rise and fall and fade away. for the moment it seems that the wind has changed to favour the asians. but it is stil too early to make the claim until the rice is cooked.

the west can play foul and overturn the applecart when they know that it is to their disadvantage if the trend continues. they still carry the bigger gun.

Anonymous said...

yes, but the rice will be cooked alright when there's boiling. Every great past civilization hv risen and fell. Nothing can stop nature.

while minnows may create no impact, the rising of the chinese economy, followed by the indian's, will diminish many of the luxurious lifestyle enjoyed by the west as their wealth starts getting sucked away .

As it is, unfair tactics are already being dished out to curb the impact where it starts to hurt. Guns cant do much as dissension and decadence growing from within will cause the erosion.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, redbean. The Western Civilization's success had solid foundations starting with the Greeks.


redbean said...

the forces of nature and history is too power for man to change its course. i think the americans have been building a time bomb for themselves for too long. the great dependency on the greenbacks to control the world economy has laden them with so huge a debt that once it is unwind, the whole american economy will crumble like a deck of cards. too debt ridden.

i read a report that the real reason to invade iraq was saddam's insistence to trade oil using euro instead of greenbacks. the american has been controlling and manipulating the oil market by enforcing it to be traded in greenbacks only. the greenbacks have actually shifted its backing from gold to oil.

now the stage is set to invade iran as iran is taking the same road as saddam. it is setting up an oil market trading in euros commencing in march 06.

the switch to euros will see all the countries dumping their greenbacks for euros and can lead to a massive liquidation of greenbacks in their reserves.

the value of the greenbacks is going to take a severe shelling.

this will be the first decline of the western domination of world affairs.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Western civilization started to decline when Marx and Engels invented socialism, and it was accepted as "progressive", and following that the total acceptance by the states of Keynesian economics. Precursors to this was white supremacy of imperialism - "manifest destiny" as US policy.

To this day, Western civilization continues to spiral down the scum-chute of iniquity, led by the US of A... And the Asians are still worshipping these fading giants. Bloody fools.

HURRAY for the players in an entertainment extravaganza!

redbean said...

my view is that after the victory in ww2 they continue to grow and the american empire expanded without it being acknowledged in those terms.

vietnam was their first military defeat. but economically they were still surging ahead. i would say the decline is just starting after they called themselves an empire, just about when things are turning. and this empire concept will lead to a faster downfall as they could not appreciate the power of islam.

they fought communism after ww2. today they are fighting islam all over the world. and islam is a much stronger and ferocious enemy, with allah on its side.

Matilah_Singapura said...

One thing about the Yanks, is that they have an immutable style.

Got to hand it to them - they use the zeitgiest of their globally pervasive entertainment industry in their military and police actions.

Got style lah. Shock and Awe. Lots of explosions, fire fights - a spectacular display of deadly hardware against a severely under-capitalise foe.

Damn good show. Better than Spielberg, Bruckheimer et al.

Give the fuckers an Oscar! :-))

redbean said...

after vietnam i thought they would get a little smarter and choose their enemies carefully. choosing saddam wasn't a bad choice. limited retaliatory ability. but they forgot about the arab world and islam.

now they are continuing to dig in deeper into iran.

the control of the world, even through the control of oil and greenbacks will still mean that the americans will have to pay.

no free lunch.