32 year old thinking of emigrating

why would a 32 year old professional think of emigrating and separated himself from the comfort of home and love ones? his reasoning is that the shelf life is too short here. imagine being over the hill by 40 and unable to find decent employment by 50. this is a very serious problem for professionals who spent so many years acquiring the paper qualifications only to see the end of the road staring at their faces. a 20 year working life prospect is very depressing what is happening to our system?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Aha. Locked into fixed concepts and limiting beliefs.

Anyone who makes the choice to "better" himself and his circumstance will eventually WIN if he sticks to his objective.

You can find "decent employment" as long as you are healthy and are able to work.

The problem is that nowadays people are too soft, have too many preconceptions of "ideals", and are just plain stubborn.

Elfred said...

I just realise something on the way to the internet club...

I could be able to also migrate after all... :D


Decent enough, as a waiter for instance. But what after year down the road? And what for retirement?

You really think the government under this sort of governance would spare more monies to keep you happily alive than... whatever.

The main problem is governance. All good governance embraces chaos in the right way.

redbean said...

retiring at 55 is a colonial concept. now they should revise this to allow people to work as long as they want and if they are useful.

the cost aspect can be adjusted to align with market rate. when one has priced himself out of the system, then needs to readjust downward to keep himself employed.

some will have value and more value with age and experience and as long as the market finds him of value, then he should continue to command whatever he is worth.

elfred, waiter is not a solution. need to do something that can grow with time.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Everyone has to plan for the future. The alternative is to explicitly trust the government to look after you. Guaranteed that you'll end up being disappointed. ;-)

Everyone can improve himself - it doesn't matter how "lowly" you may see your present job. Any job is a noble endeavour because to have a job you must SERVE SOMEONE ELSE - even people you don't like.

BTW, if you were a waiter in Oz now, you'd clean up - severe shortage as people have left the industry ... as they improve themselves. The demand in other areas increases wages across the board, generally speaking.

Retirement 55 was and still remains a silly outdated colonial idea. These days its up to you - if you want to retire at 40, can, if you have the means. If you are like LKY, then you can choose to remain productive in your 80's. If you have something to offer, there'll always be a demand.

Elfred said...

Yeah, what? Who doesn't know?

Retrain? Yeah... where comes the money? Or retrain to be dishwasher is it?

BTW, I haven't receive your email you said you sent to me.

Reddie, I don't really need more crap talks on these.

Retiring at 40 is not impossible... Matilah. Durai has already obviously given us a clue... It is only whether one wanna do so or not. In such tiny market and high cost, any bugger who tell me he got accomplished because he what start up small and do things properly and what go international will make me laugh.

ACCR is a good example. Nowadays, if you don't mislead the leaders, you have to end up like myself. What are these sort of leaders for? To be misled lor. What are rules under such leaders for? To be broken lor.

So many rules, don't break... die lor... Come on. If the government really wanna confront their own issues, how many Durai-s and worms do you think we can find in this tiny island...? That's beyond imagination.

If governance has been any better, you think I'd be still here...? I'd be a journalist somewhere in China, with my happy wife with me already.

One Durai... takes so long... One dozen Durai-s... take how long?

Speedwing said...

Early retirement is a luxury. Only the lucky ones can manage that. Why would one work pass 55 is a mystery to me. However, the trend in Singapore is to stay in employment as long as possible. By the time a person is forced to retire and stop work, say at 65, it may be too late for the person to enjoy his or her twilight years. I believe that there must be more to life than just working until 65 or more, by then too old to enjoy retirement, then just sit at void decks with others in same predicament, then die. Where is the reward for the years of contribution towards the properity of the country??

redbean said...

ok lah matilah,

this i agree with you. the govt is too busybody meddling with every little aspect of people's lives and they did not know. they kept asking why singaporeans are like that, so dependent on the govt, unable to think for themselves.

this over governing is bad.

redbean said...

ok elfred,

i have sent you another email. let me know if you did not get it.

the irony of life is that those who can afford to retire refused to retire while those who want to retire cannot afford to retire. and those who are filthy rich keep getting richer. those who are poor gets poorer.

redbean said...


the govt has a very well thought out plan for old singaporeans. retires them to the void decks and spend their money in the cpf for medicare. and the govt guarantees them first class medicare. they pay through their cpf and medisave which the govt has protected for them.

now isn't the govt kind and caring.

and the govt also would not want them to be naughty and go waste their monies in batam.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Durai made some "bad choices" and acted in ways that gave people a perception> that he had "betrayed their trust".

Personally, I don't condone his behaviour - I consider it by my own standards - "unethical" (I caught him out 3 years before this happened but kept quiet), but I don't think the man has behaved crimially.

redbean: govts are inevitable, as long as the majority of people beileve in them.

In Democracy, The People get The Government they DESERVE :-)

redbean said...

the govt we are getting thinks that what they do is good for us without asking us is that what the people want.

they can only adopt such an attitude as long as the people continue to vote them. when the people had enough of such high and mightly attitude then we will see a change.

Elfred said...

Matilah, Durai is Unlucky, should I be allowed to use Speed's tone on this one. :D

BTW, under criminal law, when Matilah knows that Reddie needs X medication to live but Matilah not only denied Reddie of the Medication but also lie to the public that sufficient medication is administered to Reddie to keep him alive, what crimes would Matilah be making? :D

There was this Doctor who administered a anti-cure treatment (actually, it's poisoning) to patients and subsequently cured them, do you think the Doctor is not committing a crime, ie if none of the patients are dead? Hahahaha...

Is Durai so retard to know how desperate patients are to NKF's treatment? And what has he done with the instument (which is the fund)? He should be charged for attempt murder for a start, because kidney patients deprive of funded treatment is a life and dead concern.

Not to mention, he pocketed so much donors' monies NOT MEANT FOR HIM. What do you do to employees who pocketed monies meant for the bosses' purchase of goods? If this asshole wants to say that the board approve of his salary, but it is obviously that the public has not raised rejections of their intended use of their donation: which is NOT for the absurd salary.

If Monies can speak, the employee who pockets the monies meant for the goods would be charged. So would Durai be liable, criminally.

Betraying the trust of an entire nation and harming the nation in such self-enriching conduct is treason. In going against the proper conduct of a public servant of charity concern, he is already considered corrupted. And he is officially recognised as the CEO of NKF. He would be officially liable.

Elfred said...

If this is Democracy that fuckers as Durai-s shall have the day and people as myself shall got stucked, then fuck Democracy, and the foolish people.

Remember, only the best will bring about a good environment, not just any people.

I am not saying PAP's elitism is the best... it's apparent for the past decades, it's not really so.

Elfred said...

There are several key typo expression errors in my reply to Matilah. Sorry folks, but I suppose that's easilly understandable about my (usual) stance.

Anyway, fuck Durai. And fuck everyone who think like him.

redbean said...

in the case of durai, justice will prevail. and justice will be seen to be done. no other way.

Elfred said...

This asshole's mens rea is already quite explicit. If such horrendous culprit cannot be dealt a swift and befitting blow, what face has the MM to confront the people?

The entire jurisdicial system will become a mockery. The scholaristic government will be a complete redundant. The cabinet will be utter incompetent for being only able to defend Durai and promoted evil but can't do anything proper otherwise.

The entire implication is not of disrespect since there is no respect to start with. People such as Mahathir and Soharto will probably only chuckle: 'Chey, Singapore also full of cronies and mickey mouse politics...'

Which is in fact an issue. Remember, there are those of SATA and various elements refusing to declare themselves and desperately hiding and trying to commercialise charity fund gathering...

And it's just the Charity side we are talking about now. What about other aspects?!

This is already considered to be corruption. Donations are considered public funding, as taxes and such. Pocketing such funds in whatever manner, justification, names and whatever is still corruption, because no board has the right to approve corruption, no board can be the excuse for Durai to pocket so much public funds! See?

Anyone telling me there's nothing criminal about Durai will earn my wrath...

redbean said...

for so many people to actually think or commented that durai has not done anything wrong is a manifestation of how obviously wrong is now seen as right or grey.

that is what is happening to singapore. and the end is near when everything is grey.

Elfred said...

This a good show. PAP... very hard for it to turn back now. No matter how stubborn is the MM... it's time he confronts his creation.

Durai is nothing... only S$600,000; only one NKF; only one Durai.

If he still doesn't know what went wrong, it's doubtful his son would ever know.

It's good he's still around to see it all.

redbean said...

there is still time to do things right.

Elfred said...

If you want my frank opinion... the chance to do things right is less than 10%...

I have told you certain things you don't need to know, but now you should know. MM himself know good men dictates. But let us assume that if PAP could get good people in this election, and suddenly even Eunice displays incredibly (ridiculous) prowess in political competency, don't forget, these young pubs take time to grow. And even if they all becomes great (no matter how absurd to assume so in such environment), the challenge ahead may not be less powerful...

That's also assuming PAP has the relevant thinker/s to train. I have been to YP... I can see how likelihood is such...

So the best I can hope for is PM just go on, and don't do something extraordinary to hasten the decline while a clear leader could emerge be it in PAP or outside PAP. If you have a premature downfall and let skunks take over, PAP remnants won't have a better time than KMT.

People as Dr Chee will definitely be pulled in by the an inferior replacement, and both JBJ and Dr Chee and the likes would probably do what they would...

The EP would never be able to stop anything. He might not even get out of his doors...

Time... is random. Doing things right... It's now entirely up to the PM's level of enlightenment.

I suppose you are too optimistic.

It's the same when I was warning of the financial crisis many years before it happened. There are time to also do things right... But nothing went right. And I was taken a clown. :D

Reddie, too optimistic siah. Evacuate is the best option, if such option exists.

redbean said...

there is one thing you must always remember. the golden rule. it says the one who owns the gold set the rules.

to you all are not thinking. to you everything is wrong. but that is only in your perspective. but to the owner of the gold, everything is right and good. everything is solid gold.

and it is not good men dictates. historically, most good men are dead men or kenna banished, kenna kicked out or fell because of conspiracies. the one who dictates is the one who owns the gold.

redbean said...

but all gold owners are afraid of the people. when the people stand up, then all the gold will be snatched away.

this is the same lawlessness that matilah talks about. eventually, power will go back to the people and everything belongs to the people who grabs power.

the cycle will repeat itself, only in slightly different shades and degree. it is only a natural order of things.

Elfred said...

Nay. I have already said many times, nothing is definite but only this: Singapore should help Elfred to relocate out. :D

Those words are to superficial. So what the gold go back to the people in such headless manner?

I am not really suitable for such a... young nation. Perhaps some busybodies can relocate me.

redbean said...


you are just a digit when singapore is concerned. singapore cannot do anything for anyone on an individual basis. you have to work on it yourself.

singapore does not owe you a living.

Elfred said...

Hahaha... I am indeed a digit, and so much wealth and so much power and so much opportunities, and such great leadership can do nothing for a digit and all against it. What a joke.

Reddie, luckily you ain't Goh MS or entering politics, or I'd mock at you till you die. :D

If my motherland owes my not a living, then this INC should offer a good golden handshake.

You are quite wrong, Redbean. Even minister said 'they would help on individual/case by case basis...'. The problem is, talk only. :D

Think you should change your site into some non-current affairs site.

No wonder you so like Goh MS... :D

redbean said...


i am telling you the painful truth, you or me, or anyone is but a digit to the govt. and thought you know. you yourself said, it is all talk and no action.

the minister had said. helping the needy must depend on budget surplus. this means that they need to take care of all the fat pay and bonuses first. got balance then they will throw some for you to catch.

actually they could have easily help you if you are really in the grassroot. or unless you have stepped onto somebody's toe. then god help you.

for if you are in the same bandwagon, there is no reason why don't help you.

now, what have you done?

redbean said...

elfred, please scroll up and read matilah's first comment on this thread.

Elfred said...

Perhaps I told Mr Hawazi straight that instead of making super-jordan, we should really try the entrepreneurs... during the earlier YP in-house dialogue. :D

But put it honestly, I'm really amazed of their thinking in handling the people... Well Hawazi said '...I really dunno how to answer this...', and my two applications also rejected by his office.

Or maybe...

Nay, people like myself offend people easily being out-spoken. :D Which is one critical reason why I rather take my chances on President Ong instead of old time idol Lee. It takes a certain level of 修行 to have 忠直 people in the ranks. I'd be made a piece of example by MM before I'd even get to do anything perhaps for: 杀一儆百. :D

No. MM is a good leader... Just he is quite visionary but not very 会识人用人 type. Or given my level of proficiency, I can even be a junior editor with SPH... not to mention a petty sec teacher. :D

Which also is why straight young man like myself kena kicked around in the land he mould... and happens to let me be so close to the bloody grounds.


Which is why I have to try free myself of this... wonderful land of opportunities. This cultural desert not suitable for people as myself, obviously.

Elfred said...

Well... too bad I can't do anything to change anything yet. People here ain't tough... but barbaric, Reddie and Matilah.

There's a different between tough paladin and barbaric champion.

If that President Ong hadn't died so early, perhaps things might be different now. He's probably the very few who could be rather versed enough for me to click the understanding in.


A person who strives to be ideal who must change for a much lesser man is sad story.

Elfred said...

At least I know now the chinese media, chinese journalism, chinese teaching all meritocratically no place for me. :D

My chinese proficiency must have been soooo lousy for the government to continously laments: aiyo... no good in chinese... Singapore must go overseas find lah...

世间事无奇不有,何其奈人寻味...时有哭笑不得,可谓任人唯贤也...Pai Sei, just some 感触 only.

Yawnz... Singapore. Must try to get out leh. This is for real. That's the current focus.