$2.6 billion payout not enough

sure what. where got enough for elfred and me. we were both expecting $15k each. ok ok, we were kidding. but the reality is also true for many of the low income earners. not enough to clear all the debts they have accumulated and all the bills they have to pay. as usual, some will be happy some will not. it is $2.6 billion to be spread around, like a drizzle. i still think it is better to reduce the cost of essential services and food. then no need to throw money not enough for everyone. and another forumer wrote to say that voting shall not be on the payout. that is from the govt and in a way, from the party. so are we going to vote for the party? the forumer said that people shall vote for the candidates who are going to be their mps. are they working for them or for themselves? do they have time even to attend parliament sessions? or they are too busy doing something else? the voters will be best to decide who to elect.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

When you get your $15K you can go to Genting Casino for another education trip.

Elfred said...

When I get my $15k, I make sure Reddie loses his $15k to me. Witg $30k, I can go China open small shop watch sunrise sunset... fresh air...

Maybe PM too busy forget to give lah... Scally tomorrow you heard him: 'Pai sei, my dear people. The climax of this budget is that I sorrifully with no intention to forget I was going to give all of you S$15,000 cash.

No worry govt no monies. Silly foreigners will come to Singapore and lose their monies to us. :D Otherwise, we can still raise GST to 38%... you know, like some sort of yoyo... here you go, here you come.

Enjoy your S$15,000!'

redbean said...

maybe they should set aside the casino tax for the people. then $15k will have a higher probability.

with $15k, wow, can have a real good time at genting.

redbean said...


i started my life gambling at 5 footway at 7 years old. now you want to pit your gambling skill with me? head i win, tail you lose, ok?

Elfred said...

I started gambling when I gamble on taking the mission to be born into this desert... So suay many times, at least would be comforting if I can win your S$15,000 if you are going to lose it to some profit-hungry Casino...

I'd need the money more than those richees, obviously.

OK, I got a head, I win. Please TT me the money. Thanks. :D

Elfred said...

I don't understand why the govt won't relocate people as myself outta Singapore which would be a one-off way to make them and me happy.

It's just a waste of time here... working as security guard or no future admin in some engineering firm, or even to sell trash in hawker center... and that you still need capital.

And the entire scholaristic talented civil services can even do something to relocate us properly... That's a dame shame. If they can relocate us and resettle us outside Singapore, forget what ERS, NSS... They can keep it and gamble with the addicts, who cares?

redbean said...


there are many ways to get out. apply to singapore internationa, the united nations, or just spam all the chinese companies listed here with an application letter. you may just hit one.

hey, one standard letter to all is not that hard work right?

Elfred said...

Someone seems wanna help me just now, asking me send in resume. If he is sincere, I'd get my monies, I'd get myself out soon.

If your suggestion would work... I'd try. Umm... any clue where to get the entire list of companies?

redbean said...


heard of yellow pages? business page, stock market page?

Elfred said...

I need those with email add...

redbean said...


i can only point to you the way. it is time you start digging.

Guess Who said...

Elfred digging for gold?

I'm from New J. You want to be a journalist? You'd interesting enough. I'd email you my office particulars. Got an email address for me, El?

Elfred said...


You wanna gimme any decent lobang?

Well, maybe if your email ain't coming, I'd tell you. Always happen. Reddie claimed send something, also never reach. :D

guess who said...

I know what's 'lobang'. Read my email, we'd do with a chat. ;> I'd be away for a while to see what's this Genting all about.


redbean said...

wow, you are a long way from home guesswho. i am assuming that you are singaporeans for your currency and concern with singaporean affairs.

elfred, i hope i will get it to you. and that your email is correct. i will send it to you one last time. maybe i have missed out the 76.

Guess Who said...

I am just passing by this 'fine' city and staying with a local pal. I am curious particularly on anything that would stir up the blood pressure.

Genting is nothing compare to the big boys in the states. I find local press uninteresting too, so I am wondering how could they have jammed up so much sales. I can understand why that El wants to 'escape'. This city is just too... I suppose I said too much.

Incredible. I only have this to say, luckily I ain't a local. Look at the states' journalism, it's just colorful. You got so many interesting people digging more corners of the world and creative enough to initiate original issues.

This is what local media generally can't do. They write tastelessly, they do totally boring and unsophisticated subjects, and they are shallow beyond imagination. I'd seriously wonder how this sort of press would survive if it'd be in Europe or the States.

So it makes me thinking and it is hard to imagine how local industry could be flooded with such talents. I thought Singapore runs with meritocracy?

Or maybe I haven't stayed long enough to understand the Singaporean culture and their need for such poor standard of media.

redbean said...

hi guess,

when there is one, one is best. but to give credit to the media people, there are not themselves. i think many are capable to producing good stuff. but some are of course mediocre.

it is the paper or the system that makes them that way.

we are bad in many ways. but also good in many ways. it is not a total write off. we should build on our goodness and improve on our shortcomings.

we really need an independent press. not the media corp and media works type of competition to be better or best in being... you know what.