your baby pays tax

not only your baby pays tax. your grandpa and grandma pay tax. your school going children pay tax. your unborn baby also pays tax. gst is non discriminatory. anyone who consumes goods and services pay gst. the unemployed are not exempted. the old and bed riddened are also not spare. all pay gst. that is why i called for discrimination in gst. there must be discrimination so that those who should not be paying tax should not be taxed. whether this be in the form of direct exemption or indirect refund or some systems, let the administrators go and think about it. otherwise, no one is free from tax. the young and the old, working or not working, all pays tax. is this what we want? this is uniquely singapore.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

Selective essentials must be GST=free. I till maintain means testing to identify thosewho cannot afford to pay GST. I thought we have had this discussion only yeserday?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I agree. There MUST be discrimination when it comes to TAX.

It is the people who should discriminate whether they should pay the govt tax or not - not the other way around (the govt decides WHAT to be tax and who pays it)

By doing so, the power goes back to the people, and the govt then becomes the true servant of the people. (I of course prefer no govt... but the discussion here is tax and the present political situation).

If the system doesn't change from what we have now, the govt will always "own" the people.

Think of the Mafia and how the Capo Di Tutti Capo "owns" his henchmen.

Same -same. Result in 10-30 years:


redbean said...

hi speed,

i try to answer your mean testing issue in my latest post. it is evident that we do not see the issue in the same way. that's normal.

as for gst and the need to be selective or discriminatory, that we agree. but to think of means testing for a few hundred thousand people, it is an enormous task. administratively this can only be done with general guidelines.

the recent workfare is an example. anyone who earns below certain income will get it.