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wp so foolish to fight in angmokio

a letter by a harry chia said that low thia khiang is so foolish to waste 5 or 6 candidates in angmokio. he is so foolishly sure that the wp will lose. no doubt i will think that the wp will lose. 99% sure in my view. but can people be so certain that tomorrow the sun will rise? the judgement is that it is a forgone conclusion. this is like god speaking. knowing the future. though i don't think wp will win, i still think that it is not a bad idea to contest at angmokio. let's not take things for granted. not to take the voters for granted. in a fair contest, in a fair election, you don't really know the results until the fat lady stands out to sing. why would people take risk, be entrepreneurs, try the impossible? singaporeans will not?


abao said...

Actually, except for the money that the WP might lose, they will gain immense experience by competiting at AMK.
It will also make the ruling party work harder on delivering its promises which we the people will benefit the most.

redbean said...

in an election anything can happen really. all it needs is something to happen during the campaign that shock the people and you have the impossible becoming possible.

it will make the election more interesting that way.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, Writing this from UK. Why is AMK so important? Is this where I will win my cup of coffee?

No ST today, so no comments.

abao said...

AngMoKio is our dear Prime Minister's GRC.

redbean said...

thanks abao for replying to speed. all of you shall get acquainted with each other.

how's the weather in uk? bedfordshire or yorkshire? where are you?

if there is any good contest in angmokio, it will be a great show. either way we can have coffee together. abao or whoever can join us too.

all are invited.

Speedwing said...

I am in Hertfordshire north of LOndon. Not too cold, dry and quite nice.

redbean said...

i spent some time in henlow, quite neat to hitchin, many years back.

i must say the outside london, england is a beautiful place.

Speedwing said...

I agree, the city of London is only good for the occasional trip to the theatre, a show or the Chinatown to meet friends. The outskirts of London, like where we are is really pretty and peaceful. In spring when the daffodils are out, the beauty of the place is unbelievable. The cherry blossoms when in season is another sight to take your breath away. I love it.

Check out my latest posting in my blog.

Elfred said...

The political reason for WP to deal with AMK can only be this: Attempt to make PM Lee lose face.

Politically speaking, if the new PM can't even secure 76%~88% mandate from his GRC... that much is a disgrace. Especially when compare to SM Goh's previous ratings.

But on a tactical sight, it's pure folly take take such risk, and it shows short-sighted focus which is clearly due to incompetent political elements within the ranks who are influencial. Good for PAP.

But I shan't say WP would surely lose... AMK people ain't the happiest people in Singapore, ie. :D But then, people generally would prefer a one term trial for PM Lee. So this has to be the most premature action... based only on folly and little else.

redbean said...


there are many ways to look at the attempt. each party will have to make their own assessments and place their bets. from the pap points of view, they are very strong, the ground is sweet, they will win everywhere.

the opposition will also make their own calculations and they may perceive that angmokio is ripe for their picking. they may have seen a totally different picture.

the pap will hear all the sweet things from their grassroot leaders and supporters about angmokio. the wp may hear all the bad things from unhappy angmokias and make their own judgement to contest.

what is the truth? who to believe? the votes will tell the truth.

Elfred said...

The truth is if it were to be the MM or me, the focus is still to garner as many seats as possible by taking out weaker and politically strategic GRCs, and oblivious to all other concerns.

I know. Remember PM Lee's visit to Boon Lay market when he was so crowded? I know roughly the background arrangement as such, even before I joined.

But I think he does know the truth about such 人气.

Whether AMK is ripe for the pricking... it is still similar to how a durian is ripe to drop... What is it had been a Durian, and not an apple, to have dropped on Newtons' head? Hahahaha...

See? AMK must be viewed as a tactical option. And when you send amatures such as AMK in, and should they win, very soon people would miss PM Lee after realising Goh MS' ignorance on political matters.

Just as well, PM can take a casual hunt and claim mandate from WP, the current biggest opposition...

I still, as a neutral would be, think it is a foolish attempt.

redbean said...


let them fight. oops, let them contest for the votes of the people. that is what politicians are expected to do during an election.

many people just want a chance to vote. abao has his points. with a contest, there will be more promises to fulfil.

Elfred said...

What is politics? What is at stake?

Can such a nonsensical fight be any more welcomed by the people? Are the people foolish or what to have wanted this 'fight' in such manner?


redbean said...


politics cannot be described in one word or explained in a few sentences. after reading ps 101 there are 102, 201, 202, 203, 304 etc.

some simply call it power, some distribution of wealth, nation building, but all inadequate. it is all about people, country and nation in all its colours and variations.

Elfred said...

Guess there's no choice but to join the fray myself after this election... If there is no suitable parties to join as a platform, then will combine as many groups together into a Neutrals United.

If MM, SM and/or PM refuse to stop all the chit-chatting in parliament, someone would have to.

redbean said...

that's the way to go elfred. get into the ring and slug it out with them.

what is this chitchatting in parliament you are talking about?

Elfred said...

Chit-Chatting...? One of the latest records in my blog may yield you an idea...

BTW, maybe you should try visit the parliament. Why not I organize a trip for interested forumers... :D

You know, see for yourself.

redbean said...

oh you mean those kind of chitchatting.

the ruling party has the comfort for this for the time being when the opposition barely could push for anything. they could also afford to be absent to attend to more important businesses than parliament, their primary duty.

Elfred said...

Not really. It's all in the quality of man. Even if there is no opposition, and only one other MP attending, a good MP will still attend our of honor.

A lousy MP still won't attend even when the entire house is full of oppositions.

Simple. Actually, I don't find many things I said weird... If one cares to think, they are quite usual.