world bank/imf conference: 300 to be caned!

fast forward to the worldbank/imf conference and the big demonstration. then imagine 300 demonstrators from usa, australia, uk, south korea, japan, hk etc got arrested for violence. then all sentenced to be caned. wow, can be a tourist attraction. and another guinness world record.


Speedwing said...

The warning is out, maybe there will not be a demonstration in Singapore?

Protesters may be able to get away with a slap on the wrist elsewhere but in Singapore you get the rotan. Yah lah, maybe another world recoed.

redbean said...

i am not too sure if the foreigners are as 'quai' as singaporeans. what had happened in hk is a reminder that they are tough. it will be interesting to see if the govt would carry out the caning if there really is a big haul of foreign demonstrators.

that will become a big issue with all the foreign govt breathing down our neck and the international media here. guarantee to be a great show.

Speedwing said...

I remember the caning of that US boy who went round destroying properties belong to others.

Yes, it will be quite a show. We shall have to wait and see.

redbean said...

singapore caning angmohs.

one michael fay was only such a big issue. it is good to fantasise what it would be like.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The protester at these gatherings don't fuck around. They are mostly professional activists from all sorts of political, quasi-political, anti-globalisation, Marxist etc etc movements.

As usual, the capitalist swine will have the police and the justice system to crush the dissent!

Spectacular Entertainment right here in S'pore.

I hope a few cars get torched, and that tear gas and rubber bullets are used. WOW. Man I'm getting a hardon just thinking about it :-)

redbean said...

ya, you swine, enjoying our misery from the safety from afar.

these demonstrators are, yes, professionals. very well trained and coordinated. i think our police will have a really tough time. each of them is built twice our boys. they will probably have to rely a lot on technology. electrical fences everywhere. touch and be electrocuted.

redbean said...

oops, just jesting.