the spray gropers in orchard road

seah chiang nee wrote about the foreign workers groping local girls in orchard road and the fear of a reprisal by our local gangs. and a similar showdown like sydney. i bet some of the local gangs, the ah bengs, are already planning to hit back. how can foreign workers come to our homeground to molest our ah lians? they will be whacked this time round if they dare to repeat their folly. and our friendly foreign workers policies will come into question. for if the foreign workers were to gang up, it is not going to be like sydney. it will be sydney a 100 times worst. there are so many of them, hungry men, lonely men and village mentality. it can be very ugly. the message must be passed quickly to the foreign workers to stop their nonsense. better still for those caught to be despatched immediately and with a lot of publicity as a deterrence. don't try to imagine what it would be like if 100,000 foreign workers riot in orchard road.


Elfred said...

This is the ah beng show, of course if you support ah beng show you must be prepared for ah lian consequence.

Crazy Singapore... :D

Ie. if you have Casino, and you want to support, you have the consequences, and nay nay nay boo boo... Come on.

redbean said...

hey elfred,

what are you thinking? many innocent young girls being molested in our safe streets by a cheap trick and you call it nay nay show or ah beng show.