scenic bridge or cynic bridge

the people who came out with the new name to replace the crooked bridge must be applauded for their ingenuity. and they cannot escape the brilliant mahathir who instantly recognised what they meant. all said, mahathir has not lose his sense of humour by jumping onto it first. ha, scenic or cynic, he asked.


Elfred said...

Let them build... and when receive no tolls, then let them make their own excuses. Singapore should, at the meantime, promote the use of either ferry service or using the second link with 071 bus service...

Or simply promote Batam or Bali in place of Johore. Go Johore give them money for what? To build such things?

redbean said...

hi elfred,

everything has a value and a price. these will also depend on the users. the value and price differ from user to user.

to many visitors to jb and malaysia, the trip is determined by what they see as value. and also to many, going or not going is not an option. something like spend money in a posh night club. when priced too steeply, only those who cannot afford to will go, catering to a smaller crowd.

the bridge will affect not only the lives of malaysians and singaporeans, it will greatly affect cross national business.

Elfred said...

??? What are you driving at... That's not the focus.