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president's salary increases by another $115k

they are increasing the president's salary again, what to $2.5 million? from the perspective of those who are earning in the millions, what's wrong, just another what 5%. small change. from the point of view of those who are earning $1200, this must be madness. but then the argument is that there is only one president. so in terms of percentage against the whole economy or govt wage bill, it is so small. when a person is earning $1200, give him $1000, it will change his life. if one is earning in the millions, given him another $1 million, very likely the comment will be peanuts. and the money will not make any difference to him except to inflate the already inflated savings account. how a nation distributes its wealth and who or how many people will benefit from the nation's wealth is an issue which the academics will have a world of a time discussing it. oh, all the poor citizens will get some, don't worry, it is very fair. the poor will be well looked after.


Speedwing said...

I guess the president is doing an important job. Therefore he must be richly rewarded.

Come to think of it, the cleaners at the foodcourts are also doing an important job. Without them we will all eat from dirty tables. Will they be rewarded too??

redbean said...

yes speed. it is a very important position and only for very important people.

i have just write a post on this.

Anonymous said...

The President's salary increases will be followed up by the MPs and Ministers which means higher deposit for the candidates in the coming GE.

redbean said...

in the corporate world, the ceo will raise the salaries of his senior managers to his level. how can the board of directors not increase his salary when his subordinates are getting as much as him.

redbean said...

the saying, you can fool some people some of the time. but you cannot fool all the people all the time.