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malaysia will be a nation forever divided and sanctioned in the constitution. the bumiputra policies, with its well intention to protect the rights of the malays, will divide the country along racial lines. ain't this bad enough? now the more serious and dangerous threat to further divide the country is the sanctioned of islam as a parallel institution to the national courts of justice. article 121(1A) rules that the national courts have no jurisdiction over the religious courts. the nation thus has two judicial systems of equal status. does it mean that if the religious court sentenced a thief to have his hands chop off, the national court has no right to intervene? what about citizens who are muslims and are also from other races, and the issue is grey or controversial? can the accused choose to be judged by a national court? the body case is a good example. the family has no say and neither has the national court any say even to dispute whether moorthy actually became a muslim. and as much as he is a muslim and belongs to islam, he is also a husband and a father and belongs to the family and his indian community. but the religious court is supreme. with racial and religion as the two swords that divide the nation, and with a religion that has no qualms about interfering into the private affairs of its believers and non believers, the stage is set for more confrontation. malaysia can be set on fire any day.


redbean said...

it is reported that badawi has asked the non-muslim ministers to retract the memo seeking to review the religious law under 121(1a) of the constitution.

on the other hand the malaysian consultative council for buddism, christianity, hinduism and sikhism has started a campaign to review the constitution.

the non muslim ministers may have understood the difficult position of badawi, but to backout of such an important issue is a major set back for the non muslim communities. hopefully the amendments that badawi promised will come into being soon to rectify the problems posed by article 121(1a).

this is really a time bomb in inter racial and inter religious relations.

redbean said...

now there is another case of a nonya whose mother was a malay married to a chinese but had lived her life as a chinese buddhist. applied to denounce islam and to live as a chinese. all her children are grown up men and women living as chinese with chinese names.

the religious court did not acknowledge her application and now claiming her body. this country if not checked, will eventually go the fundamentalist way and be worst than iran in religious zeal. and with a multi racial composition, it is just too explosive.

redbean said...

today the syariah court upheld that the nonya had lived a life as a chinese and the body returned.

but what is sickening is that the body of a person belongs to the state or the clerics and not the family. and the family had to go through all the trouble and agony to reclaim the body of their mother.

does the state and clerics have anything better to do? and they must be spending state money to upkeep their existence to intrude into the life of ordinary citizens on a very private matter.

is malaysia a progressive secular state or an infant fundamentalist islamic state that is waiting to go crazy?