ns defaulters: the wrath of ns men

the feelings against ns defaulters are very intense and very wide spread if one is to take note of the number of letters in the media. it is an issue that is going to stir up as much emotions as the nkf. every adult male is affected. the parents are affected. the wives and children are affected. in fact the whole nation is affected. though we can expect the masses to have a varied response on the issue, i thought the politicians should be very clear headed on this. ns service cannot be compromised and cannot be bought. but this is something that we have set for ourselves and it will also be a noose around our neck. it will restrict the nation in its way of dealings with exceptions. how to welcome talents who defaulted on ns? how to welcome an exceptional talent who is young to be a citizen without the dread of ns? and how to welcome the likes of melvyn tan who have made good, to return home?


Matilah_Singapura said...

Melvyn Tan and similar NS "defaulters" we simply standing up for their natural rights. i.e. that no one, no cuntry's edict can force them to sacrifice their being, and that all transactions involving personal property are to be done so VOLUNTARILY.

I am hoping many people will read your blog and consider my point of view.

Unfortunately, we live in an un-free world, but the irony is we are all born of this world as free-individuals. Thus, the course of action for everyone (no one is spared) is to discover ways to assert that which is awarded to you by nature.

I don't know what the pay is now, when I did my NS, I was on $90 a month! The state expects me to lay down my life for $90 a month. If I refuse, they come and arrest me, and fine me, and after all that I still have to serve.

After that, they call you up until you are 40-45 years old. And they use TAX PAYER FUNDS to pay your salary. so if you are earning big bux in civvy life, but are a lance corporal, the TAX PAYER has to pay.

The economics are flawed. Such is the state and its nonsense.

redbean said...

i can see your point. a new recruit is getting $350 i think. still a pittance.

in a free world, i will go along with your arguments. in our context, i am not sure the country can afford a professional army. and our neighbours did not give us any feelings of comfort. we have to work around the premises of our environment and perceived threats.

it would be good if there is no need for ns. but i think most singaporeans knew that it is a necessary evil.