now i know why singapore is a racist country

one forumer wrote to the straits times relating how he was accused of being a racist in singapore. he is a chinese belonging to the majority. he told one guy to stop smoking in a queue for taxi. instead of snubbing out the cigarette the smoker, who was a minority, shouted at him that he was a racist for telling him to stop smoking in the queue because of his race. in another incident he shouted at a cyclist to prevent him from hitting a pedestrian. he was accosted as a racist for shouting at the guy because he was a minority. our fragile race relations can be easily torned to pieces, not by the majority bullying the minority but by the minority bullying the majority. and it is so easy to call the majority racist. what would happen if the snatching of body incident in malaysia is reenacted here and involved the majority against a minority? hell will break lose.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

Racial harmony is a very fragile things. One moment everythng fine, next moment things could get real bad. There are people going around with chips on their shoulders. The best way to deal with people like that is to ignore them.

Over here to we have exactly this same thing. Sometimes it is out of jealousy, somtimes out of fear but mostly out of ignorance.

redbean said...

i think the creation of different races is the seed for division and confrontation. but that is nature. it needs diversity to progress. but diversity is also destructive. so it is like the communist dialetics of thesis, anti thesis, synthesis. order in disorder. like husband and wife, fight and then make love.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hey man, there's nothing like a good ol race riot to get onto CNN.

Man, let's have some colourful history here. everyone is too fast asleep!

redbean said...

no lah, if it happens again, sure mati lah. this type of thing cannot tempt. just like war.

i was watch the rerun of the vietnam movie 'we were soldiers.' the tragedies it inflicted on innocent people were too devastating. no joke. people like george bush and his criminal gangs must be shredded in the grinders.

let's live in peace and make love to all the women you want, drink all the wines you want. but not racial riots.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Race riots make interesting discussion topics for historians, and internet forumers :-)

A human being has a multi-faceted character. Racial riots allow man to "reconnect" with his savage part, to embarce his evolution by honouring his inner beast - this experience of intense hatred for another race empowers man to return to his roots.

So, celebrate it! With a beer and a meat pie as you watch it on TV.


redbean said...

when one is having meatpies and beer in front of a tv, everything is exciting. but when on is in the shit hole, mine, it is really shit.

in the same movie, it was the same. everyone so gungho. but in the battlefield and got hit then they asked, 'why me?'

jesting on such topics ok lah. but to live through it is another matter.

AsianRacism said...

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