nkf, testing the institutions

nkf is no longer a singular isolated case of mismanagement, corruption, exploitation, deceit, and abuse of power. it is now seen as a test case against all the institutions that we have been led to believe, all the cornerstones of our clean and efficient country. it brought into question our world renowned systems of management, corporate governance, how we are able to tackle corruption, how power corrupts, how easily the people are deceived, and even how our justice system could end up serving injustice at the expense of the poor who have no money to buy their own justice. we are now a nation under scrutiny on what we believe are good, effective and superior to the rest of the world. everything is now under the microscope. will we be able to weather and survive this crisis and prove that our systems and beliefs really work. or they are all myths or poor and groundless assumptions that cannot stand the test of time. what have gone wrong? why were past truths no longer truths?


Anonymous said...

I heard a recent speech by someone who said that the man in the street should stand up and point out what he feels is wrong. Only then can the wrong be put right. I go for that wholeheartedly.

However, I also read somewhere that there were two NKF employees who did just that a few years ago and they had to pay large sums of money as compensation.

I am totally confused by this?

redbean said...

good question my friend.

who has the gut to be whistle blower? who is going to protect him?

who has the money to fight a court case when they are being sued by a criminal or wrong doer?

only the dumb or those who have nothing to lose will be a whistle blower.

would those sitting happily in the boards of directors and receiving director fees be whistle blowers?

Speedwing said...

I agree with you there Redbean. I would not have the courage to stand up and point fingers. I do not have money to engage high powered QC to defend me.

redbean said...

what were we saying?

i think we are talking cock : )

Speedwing said...

Yeah I am talking cock, but what to do? No money to pay if sued, so got to live a life of a coward and keep my mouth shut and suffer.

Sorry Redbean.

redbean said...

hi speed,

often i wonder, if our talking cock session will do any good? but for inconsequential people, whatever we say is at best cock.

one needs to be paid his worth to be listened to. and god will also look up to you, depending on how much your pay packet is worth.