nkf: review mission, roles and objectives

it is highly recommended that the new nkf review its mission and roles and reset the objectives of the various departments in the organisation. once the mission and roles of the new nkf is clearly defined, it will be in a better position to address its current problems and chart its course for the future. things it need to address: what is its mission? is it the primary provider of kidney dialysis treatment? is it responsible for educating the public on kidney diseases? does it have other roles? how much must it retain in the reserve or how much of donations must be put into reserves? how much should it shoulder? should it keep on expanding? what is its role vis a vis the govt? how much to subsidise? is it a charity or profit making organisation? is it a govt medical outfit or to support the role of govt in kidney diseases? should its staff policies be similar to a profit making organisation? how much to raise and how much subsidies to ask from the govt? what to do if the patients just cannot afford to pay? there are many things that nkf must take a second look and readjust its bearings.


Anonymous said...

The new NKF Management is as confused and lost as the old Management on the NKF mission, roles and objectives. As a matter of fact, they are the same; money always not enough.

The new NKF Management is trying to take on the roles from the Government in which the latter is very happy to pass the "baggage" to any charities in order to free more money to fund for her oversea expansions.

redbean said...

i think that is the impression everyone is getting. the things spoken and the things they are doing is like the chinese saying, changing the soup without changing the medicine.

if they continue in this manner i don't thing they are going to change the perception of people.