ncss: appoint whistle blowers

benedict cheong of ncss suggested that organisations set up channels for whistle blowers or appoint officers to take charge of this function. the underlying belief is that the organisations will look after its own problems when there are complaints. from the experience of the nkf, there were many complaints internally and externally. none works. but it does not mean that all these recommendatios will not work. it will work if people want them to work. having these in the old nkf will definitely not work. and the reasons are obvious. you need a few good men to want to right the wrongs. but if everyone that can right the wrongs are the cause of the wrongs, nothing will work. any complaints will be buried or the complainants may even be punished or victimised. but if there are a few good men around, then all the wrongs would not have happened. or if they did, would be righted before they grew to such proportion. the issue now is how to recognise and bring in some good men. and also how the govt network of checks and balances will work.


Anonymous said...

Peg the so-called good people salary to top 5 CEO's salary in Singapore so that the so-called good people will not be tempted to corrupt and hopefully will alleviate their greed for more wealth.

Why do we still need more checks and balances when the above scheme is working well in Singapore as NKF saga is just an isolated case.

Don't worry be happy!! Ignorance is bliss!!

redbean said...

hi anonymous, pegging one's salary as what you recommended will not work. the nkf has proven that this is a myth. you just do not know is the price of the person you are paying.

for some $100k is enough and they will not be corrupt. some, $600k also not enough.

the underlying assumption is that everyone is corrupt. it is only at what price. so if the person's price is $100 mil, paying him $99 mil will still not be enough. he will still corrupt.

redbean said...

another point is that in our culture, the higher you demand, the more respectable you will look. if one ask for more, it will mean that this person is very good, as indicated by his asking price.

so everyone will now want to push up his price to tell the world that he is so worthy and talented. the measure of a person's ability is his asking price. you may want to link this to his incorruptible value as paying him below this price will definitely make him to be corrupt.

so the best way to pay a person is to ask his incorruptible price. this will become a new index for the human resource professionals to consider. what is the incorruptiblity index of the applicant?

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, as shown in the recent saga, even paying a person $600K plus all the perks such as credit cards, first class travel, bonuses, payment in-lieu of overtime and extra time, may still not be enough because when a person is greedy, it will never be enough.

redbean said...


this one really caused a lot of red faces.

and there were also several other cases where people who are making big bucks were hauled to the courts.

Anonymous said...

In the mind of a greedy person, the word "enough" is never in their dictionary. It has vanished.

Instead, the greedy person will be back for "more and more".

redbean said...

hmmm...now who can i think of?