make legal recourse available or more affordable

i was impressed by the son of jb jeyaratnam when he spoke as president of the law society. his main gist was to make legal recourse more affordable or cheaper to those who cannot afford it. did he overhear the things that we discussed here? i helped a friend to get a legal firm to represent him for a royalty case. and the firm was highly recommended to me by another friend. the case was settled after one hearing. my client was happy that he won and was awarded about $120k. it was quite straight forward. he paid his legal fee which came to about $110k. actually my one year as a law student had given me enough knowledge to know that the facts were in my friend's favour. what a great victory and great legal firm. my friend is still celebrating it today and everyday, with four letter words.


Elfred said...

Hahaha... Maybe communism for Law industry... :D

Actually this is a very simple issue, and yet is not so simple.

Who would pay so much to study laws to provide free legal services?

But here the issue is, if we have a two-tier market, who can find a good lawyer that cost lesser than a not-so-good lawyer?

If the government were to fund the cost... Either the government has 'nothing to eat' or the government goes a Durai-an flop...

So... Hahahahaha... Sorry, I just find this issue funny. But there are ways to... provide such affordable service.

redbean said...

you are laughing elfred. how would you like to pay more than $100k to get back $10k?

there must be some proportion that makes it reasonable to pay. otherwise, i sue you you sue me and the lawyers fill their pockets.

Matilah_Singapura said...

To make legal recourse more affordable means removing the State-controlled monopoly on justice.

Because the state has a monopoly, certain professions of undescribable evil and spiritual corruption i.e. the lawyers and judges are protected.

The people who make laws, also make laws to protect the people who make laws.

How fucking ridiculous is that? A kindegarten kid can see thru this sham!

In a laissez faire cuntry, justice will be privatised. Courts would compete with each other. Those that are fair and just will get a good reputation and therefore make money.
Bad or corrupt courts will lose money and go out of business.

State justice has always had a stinky reputation. It has got to go and surrender to free-market justice, and allow the spontaneous natural order to to its job - without interference.

Now you know why Shakespeare suggested to KILL ALL THE LAWYERS

redbean said...

there was this movie sponsored by the taiwan triads about getting legitimacy for their gangster business and also their own legitimacy by buying themselves into parliament.

the taiwan govt or triads is quite tricky to differentiate. both powerful and controlling people and business. and the image of legitimacy and notoreity is so blur.

Elfred said...

No, I have to laugh, Reddie. remember Lai CF's great economic views of which what ASEAN get together in what 2020 of what must happen...?

It's the same thing. When Y is what you desired, but X is a pre-requisite to Y, and yet X is not (yet) workable, of course I laugh.

Nobody wanna pay $100k to get back S$10k, but the point is 'X'.

And I never offer plans or what which will work without my participation (rightfully so)... So I laugh.

Nothing wrong. You might not be happy, but the 2020 ASEAN vision will fall... I can bet with you a cup of copi for that. All the keys for success are missing, how can miracle happens from nothing?

It's the same as telling me Singapore wanna be mature society... open society... but all the keys missing...

Sorry. I laughed.

Matilah_Singapura said...


I'm sure you are aware of the rising costs, to the "average Joe", of justice and medical care. Why is this?

Answer: Govt PROTECTED monopolies in law and healthcare. The govt polices these professions heavily, regulating them to the point that to practice law or medicine you must satisfy ALL GOVT requirements.

Now take the pen, watches and shoe markets where there is NO govt regulation. You can buy a pen for 50¢ or $5000 - your choice, no force. You can buy a $10 or a $100,000 watch - your choice, no force. You can buy a piar of shoes for $5 (made in China) or $500 (made in Italy) - your choice, no force.

People argie that law and healthcare are NEEDS to every individual.

My response is: try living your life without a pen, a watch or shoes, and see how drastically your life style diminishes in value. (People take these basic, boring, uninteresting thing for granted. But consider carefully - we can't live without these "boring" things. Other examples are underwear, toothbrush, clothes, toilets and toilet paper)

All of these was provided by the (relatively) free market - without any govt regulation.

Business in the free market has always been about PEOPLE serving the needs of PEOPLE - to enrichen thier lives, or to provide a VALUABLE BENEFIT to their existence.

The people who produce the humble toothbrush are often forgotten. We herald some idiot on TV or some no-talent fuckwit singer who goes thru life thinking his/her shit don't smell. And these asswipes do nothing for the world - they just take, take , take, live irresponsibly and expect their fees to increase due to idol worship

But how about the people who build our roads, make the paper we take for granted, supply the clean water and reliable electricity, or grow our food...

Important people. Important processes (capitalism). But invisible, unknown, forgotten and un acknowleged.

Such is life on planet earth.

redbean said...

first to elfred,

i dunno whether to laugh or to cry. how was your lawsuit with lai cf? any happen?

redbean said...


we are so efficient, to good at regulation. eventually we will be efficiently kill ourselves.

look at hdb with all the rules it created to tie the people. now it is tying itself in knots.

somehow everything seems wrong, so wrong.

Elfred said...

Lai CF's issue arise due to his trash with regards to my wife, mainly so, while the rest... including those 'PAP lapdog' and such are supplementary. There is little point left for such action since the husband of my wife has seen the wife leaving.

Tough luck...

It's as if fighting over something that no longer exists.

Takes too long... if I had been able to find a way to get posted out, such chain reactions won't happen.

Elfred said...

BTW, Andrew Kuan should have argue for himself as MM Lee used to be in court if he really have thought he befits a Presidency...

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