mahathir should have come to singapore

mahathir's heart is no good and has gone to ask the americans to make it good again. this could be his costly mistake given his pro arab and anti jewish stand. many arab leaders have been poisoned and died because of similar stand. and mahathir, despite all his wisdom and political acumen, chose to go to the usa instead of singapore. an after thought. it is better that he does not come here. singapore will have many things to answer should the operation fail.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

I guess Mahathir trusts the Yanks more than he does Singaporens. Well, I would like to wish him good luck with his medical treatment in the States and a speedy recovery.

redbean said...

i hope he doesn't forget that many of the rich and powerful americans are jews. and very likely they will be rubbing their hands with glee and asking themselves what they should do with such a good opportunity presented to them.

how about a minaturised compressed air bomb to be inserted and time for release 6 months later?

so evil a thought. just joking.