janadas devan: why spore should welcome foreign talent

i fully agree with his final remarks 'give me your weavers, your drainers,/your huddled financiers and traders yearning to breathe free,/the wretched geniuses - with IQs above 160, never mind EQ -of your teeming shore.' the crux of the matter is all talents, with IQs of 160. not all the half talents or mister average which we too have plentiful, and have given two or two and a half years of their precious youth to the nation. and will take up arms to die for the nation. we cannot trade off the lives of our own sons for half bakes. experts, technocrats, professionals are welcome with open arms. i will welcome them too. janadas uses the example of america and uk as good examples of free countries that benefitted greatly from the welcome foreign talent policies. what he forgot to elaborate is that these two are big countries and especially america where land is big and opportunities are aplenty but with few heads except red indians. they have no problems accepting all the foreign talents without causing severe unemployment and social stress to their own people. america is a totally different case as the country was new and unstructured, and wild. we have structured ourselves over the last 40 years. we cannot afford to drown our country with an influx of foreigners to replace the citizens. or shall we follow the americans in displacing their true sons of the soil, the red indians, with foreign talents? this follow the america thinking is very dangerous for a small country like us. the stark difference in dimension and size will put all policies that were right in america wrong here. we try to do things like we are america but without the critical mass to spread the risk or to provide the numbers. as such, we have seen many crazy ideas being implemented, blindly to the detriment of nation and people. yes welcome all those with 160 IQs.

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