islam under attack in malaysia?

the recent furore in malaysia and the petition by the non muslim ministers is seen by the muslims in malaysia as an attack on islam. is that so? what about the seizure of the dead bodies from their families by islam? why is this being ignored or accepted as the norm of a civilised secular state, or even a modern islamic state? from the non muslim perspective, it is the encroachment of islam into their lives. it is islam that is threatening the privacy of non muslim citizens, not the other way round. but the clerics, the fundamentalists, will claim it as otherwise. it is their right and duty, in the name of islam, to push aside the non muslim private lives and sensitivity. islam is above the law. islam is the law. this is the sign of a fundamentalist islamic state in its infancy.

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redbean said...

now they are trying to make a distinction between a muslim state and an islamic state. i squeezed it under the microscope but still could not tell the difference.

i think they will only be alarmed when the institutions of the malaysian king and the sultans are being attacked. under an islamic state the clerics will be the supreme ruler and the supreme power under allah.