islam in malaysia

the recent tussle for the body of a hindu man who presumably converted to islam a year ago, and without the knowledge of his family, is interesting to show how far a state is prepared to go in the meddling of a private personal affair of the people. in this case, they have the clerics, religious policemen, the courts and the vehicles to judge and enforce the decision of the court. and they went to snatch the body from a widow to bury the body in accordance with muslim rites. presumably the cost is bore by the state. why would the state go that far to interfere in the burying of a dead body? why would the state deprive a widow and her family from doing their last duties to the dead man? the court or state has nothing better to do? how far could a state progress when they are so obsessed with the private personal matters of the individuals and went to wrestle for the dead body of a man from his family?

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