immersion, the nature of things

the new myth, immersion is the way to go. with immersion, the wolves will understand the sheep better and vice versa. get them together, and they will live happily ever after. god has created these creatures called wolves and sheep. and i don't think it was his intention for them to live happily together. each is specialised in his role. each has his own destiny. if humans were to put 100 wolves in a herd of sheep, very likely a few hundred sheep will be eaten or torn to pieces. that is the nature of things. perhaps one sissified wolf may become sheepish and pretend that it can live with the sheep and eat grass. 'when the lions eat grass and live peacefully with the sheep.' this only happens in heaven. not on earth. but humans are not wolf or sheep. that is true. human is all animals. a human can be a wolf and also a sheep. or a hyenas or a cow. the human spirit is very adaptable. it can be anything. but each has his own destiny. each is meant for different things and shall walk his own path. not necessary that they shall meet in person. they can meet in other areas, in thoughts, in policy decisions, in statistics. when the wolves become sheep or sheep become wolves, the whole eco system will falter and be destroyed. the way, nature's way is the way. everything will go in cycles.

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