hsien loong's new year pledges

reported in the paper that hsien loong pledges to review policies on public housing, public transport and medical fees. unfortunately he is only referring to the older folks. i hope hsien loong will take this opportunity to make a thorough review and introduce changes take will benefit the whole nation, especially the lower income groups, rather than just the older folks. this is the time for him to make a real difference, to turn around some of the errorneous policies of profit comes first and people suffer never mind. many of the presumptions and policies of the pap were totally out and he is the man to make the change. but if it continues the way it is, support for pap will only go one way. and while he is reviewing the $1 bil assistance for the lower income, he should also consider all the mothers and grandmothers who are technically unemployed but actually gainfully employed in looking after babies and little ones, and without income but a little allowances. they should also be considered together as those who are employed and earning less than $1,000. will hsien loong make the difference?


Elfred said...

Let me tell you a simple truth... it's better to wait for the $15,000 NSS than anything else.

There is a good solid reason behind...

redbean said...

yes elfred. this is the time for hongbaos. the bigger the better.

the appetite of singaporeans have grown. a few hundred dollars will not do any good. see if it can match the $114,900 increment.

today the beggars will scorn if you give him anything less than $2, just like the doormen or the car jockeys.

want to give better give something meaningful.

Elfred said...

$15,000... That'd provide a chance to locate opportunities outside Singapore. Minister Yacob was reported to challenge Youths venture aboard... But is he footing the tickets, accomodations, and such... NATO.

In any case, I don't see why we should be beggars. The entire idea of taxes and government isn't just hoarding huge profits up there and incur distribution error.

What is this? A prelude to Lenin-style political opera?

redbean said...


tbere are easier ways to make more money than $15,000. and people will give you willingly. just sell them the idea that you are going to stay inside a glass box for 7 days without shitting and create a new record for the nation.

no bullshitting. it can be done. they may give you $200,000 for that effort.

Elfred said...

Well the problem is I have some gastric problem... So it's not so possible on the 'not shitting' part. :D Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

I suppose I'd be searching for forums with fellow thinkers... Your blog is rather nice, but what I need is of a higher level.

You take care.

redbean said...


you must know to what degree you want to discuss. if you want to go into too academic and theoretical stuff, that you need to go to those kind of forums. i would not go into such stuff as it is very tedious and i need to read more or else i will not do justice to my sparring partner. to discuss topics in depth requires effort and time.

this blog is a kopitiam. so can shoot quite fast.

redbean said...

oh elfred,

try to engage matilah if you want serious stuff. provided you are able to engage him seriously. matilah will be able to give you a lot of depth if that is what you want.

Elfred said...

I have read through his postings before... rather normal to me.

You see, during Zhuge's time, there were groups of thinkers (Xu Shu, Pang Tong, Sima Hui, and the likes) talking and chatting... learning from one and other while admiring and befriending each others.

This is 'hero will appreciate hero' attitude. Naturally, I would like to end up find the right circle... If I had wanted to get more knowledge, I'd have go to the library...

I suppose this is understandable.

I have started looking... But your blog is quite nice.

redbean said...

thanks elfred,

this blog is only 4 months old. hopefully it will draw in more like minded people here to chat. and we can make a few more friends.

'ing xiong shi ing xiong.' the same thing also happened during the time of taiping revolution when some scholars and thinkers congregate and respect each other. it also applies during the time of sun wen.

Elfred said...

Which is why I am often, if not always, blunt... this is one antenna to spoting and differentiating jokers and crowns from better individuals.

But here Reddie, I am afraid to be frank again, there are indeed nicer type of persons who can chit chat for a while... but in term of suitable people for politics... have met none yet.

Which may explain why we have a prolonged chit chat session in the parliament which explains certain issues of the future.

I'd like to serve a great leader. And I am very picky on this issue. I'd never recognise those as Chia TL and Goh MS as leaders. I know what makes a good hero and what makes a pretender. :D

Taiping Tian Guo is not a good quote... by the way, in my personal opinion. :D

redbean said...

when i refer to taiping tian quo i was referring to zeng quo fan and his group. not the leaders within the taiping rebellion.

that group got power and success in their heads and got intoxicated and could no longer relate to the people or see their own weaknesses.

this is what will repeat everytime in history. people are supposed to learn from history. but history will repeat itself over and over again.

Elfred said...

Umm... I know not about the Zeng. I barely am interested in Taiping Tian Guo. :D

But history'd repeat itself... it seems. I'm eagerly waiting to see the outcome of PAP's new candidates though I doubt much surprise. As long as this PM flood more political clueless into the parliament, it is more or less set.

I am now more interested in other issues. The issue here is how fast would this decline be, hence how long.

But before history does repeat... it is so paramount that I find a place to take cover... which is troubling me. The more you know politics, the more you don't wanna get involved.

You might be laughing... but as long as people as myself are around, there will be hope.

But I rather you, alongside with anyone who have the resources and power, to bail me out instead. What future I see is too risky... short of sheer luck, turning the entire situation around is not going to be as easy as MM's time.

Hear my prayers, get me out of here.

redbean said...


the choice is up to here. you can get out or jump in. go and talk to chiam and tell him you are available.

when you have nothing to lose, fight. or even sleep with gms. join the wp. it is just a vehicle.

Elfred said...

Many better people are available around Singapore, so I know, in comparison to any you have seen currently.

It's fate that I emerged and joined the PAP, and lest fate is, most of the people prefer to sideline. And this is probably of a unarranged yet coordinated thinking among the better people here.

Decades, Reddie, we have such politics, we see the parliament sessions, we observe the sort MM, SM and PM can gather under service. So'd the observation on the oppositions.

If I were to join Mr Chiam now... that's a bad move. I have been observing him for years. He is still not ready for myself. Which is also a frustration. If he understands, SPP could own the future and dominate.

But so it's the case as finding a leader, which is all too important for people as myself, that no matter how impatient we wanna cease being idle capacity it's difficult when the platform is not yet ready.

And people as such don't join WP for such reason that SPP is not available. It doesn't work like that. Just because my minister lead me nowhere doesn't mean I'd just jump to another Minister or what party.

There is no problem in allying with even the likes of Goh MS. But, eg, there is no way we serve leader who ain't... how to put it.

It also is why we have such keen sense in sniffing out better elements... :D

There is no need to worry. When a leader emerge, he/she will be flooded by picky people as myself. :D Liu Bei should offer you the clue. He's not as powerful as Zhou Yun, not smarter than Xu Shu, not braver than Guan Yu, but he was surrounded with heroes of his time.

Mr Chiam lacks something critical. And a good reason to hold back is, if he cannot lead, that'd mean he won't draw other good help, and if anyone would join in the fight, it's a goner.

This is easily understandable.

Among PAP, WP and SPP, one of which would be flooded with political elements. It's best that before MM pass away, a a clear leader would emerge. After he's gone, the situation could become more messier...

redbean said...


it is always easier to join the winning team. and it is also ok to join chiam or low thia khiang, provided you know why you join them.

you can always start a new party.

there are many options. you pick and choose the option best to your needs.

Elfred said...

Situation would dictate the outcome. What is winning today would end up loser tomorrow. Those who joined KMT a couple of years back will understand.

PAP is nothing but the persons behind it.

If even MM would tell you PAP would last 50 years... I'd bet he's lying. There is no certainty if PAP would last 50years or not. But if PAP goes as usual, chances are, it won't last. PAP may decide it's strong enough, but winds can always get stronger while the chit chatting in parliament continues.

That's the issue about certain elements. Political elements have such far-sight that they won't look only at petty issues of the present. Hence, oppositions' concern of not getting good political leaders is actually their own problems even as PAP declines.

If it has to be and luck comes, starting a new concern is never to be ruled out. For now, I'm a frustrated man, ie. I've gotta find some place in this world for myself... but where... ...?

Argh... I miss my wife...

redbean said...


just let out your frustration. life is like that, with its ups and downs. you have 50 more years to go. plenty of time to get things right.