help save our fallen talents

the govt is spending $1 billion to help those who are earning less than $1,200. would the govt be kind enough to consider helping the group of fallen talents, formerly very talented, many were managers and ceos, but now unemployed or become taxi drivers? this group, some in the late 40s or in their 50s, have housing mortgages, children in school, but now with a dwindled income as taxi drivers or some other jobs that really would not be enough to provide for their families basic necessities. and many would not come forward to ask for financial assistance even when they have fallen on bad times. this is the most neglected group and with the most responsibilities and needed the most help. maybe we should organise a charity show and interview them and let them tell people their hardship on television, and hopefully after a few tear jerker stories, they might receive some donations from the public. they are so pitiful.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

I just wonder, these ex-managers and ex-ceos, when they were at the top of the food chain a few years ago, did they spare a thought for those who were on hard times then?

What goes round, comes around. A vicious circle indeed!!!

redbean said...

actually, speed,

this group is not the so privilege group of really high earners. many climbed their ways up the corporate ladder but without the perfect qualifications. and that is why they were left on the shelf.

they were at managerial positions with probably enough to look after their families well. maybe a little to help others. whether they do or not is another thing which we won't know.

if i am earning $1 mil a year and have another $10 mil in my bank account, hypothetically, i could do a lot for the less fortunate. or like steve jobs, working for $1. no need to keeping piling up the bank account. let it grow a little slower and give a little more, say like the tithes, 10% will do.

Speedwing said...

I am sure there are some of the ex-managers and ex-ceos who fall into the catergory you mentioned. For those I give my sympathy. However, if my opinion of the majority of Singaporeans are correct, I am afraid to say that there will be numerous who would be greedy, uncharitable, callous and unfeeling.

redbean said...

i am sure you are right on this. the richer they are the lesser they are willing to part with their money.

but in general, singaporeans are quite generous at donations if you look at the regularity of charity shows and the amount raised.

this is a strange phenomenon. the masses that are not really rich have bigger hearts.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The reason they are fucked up is because of govt interference in the market.

For years the govt tinkered with the market, directing resources for "the common good", inflating the money for "asset enhancement" (i.e. political gain), creating an illusion of "good times" (yes there were good times, but it was blown out of proportion by the mass euphoria).

There is also the matter of TAX - social security tax aka CPF. The govt pays a paltry return of a few percent, whilst using the workers money to generate large profits.

CPF, at one time was around 40% - employer + employee. If you saved and invested 40% of your income (you can buy prime assets with that rate of saving), you would be VERY RICH in a few short years, you could PROBABLY RETIRE within 10 years. i.e. if you were in a good position at age 33-35, before you were 50 years old you'd be quite wealthy - even though you earned the average wage.

The GOVERNMENT is the main cause of poverty. decrease govt power, and you decrease poverty.

Speedwing said...

I am sorry matilah, I cannot agree with you. You obviously have a very dim view of the Singapore govt. On the contrary, I believe they have done a good job. However, because they have been so successful, there are some very undesirable side effect. You cannot please all the people all the time.

redbean said...

i must say there was a time when everything was beautiful. and everything seems right.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hi Speed,

I don't trust the govt of Singapore - actually I don't trust any govt :-)

Hence my "dim" view. (your words) I see my view as a truth, and actually I'm very pleased with it.

There is no system where one can please all the people all of the time. Personal happiness is a self-directed pursuit. No one can really "make you" happy. Why? Because we generate our own emotions and therefore our own experience.


Everyday to me is a beautiful day and the universe is always in a state of perfection.

Don't mistake my "anti-govt" lashings for the idea that I am a negative or unhappy person.

I'm one of the happiest and most content people on the planet, rest assured! :-))

redbean said...

my days are not always happy. but i too have to make myself happy.

good that you are getting acquainted with speedwing. i think the 3 of us are in the same age group, +/- a couple of years.