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general election : tanjong pagar is the weakest grc

in my opinion tanjong pagar is the weakest grc in this election. though lky is the stalwart and the grand old man in the constituency, his strength is now his weakness. the older generation of voters are now either gone or disinterested. too old to be bothered. the younger generation is a totally different game. no care for old senior politicians. their perspective is totally unfathomable from the old mindset. koh boonwan may be a good support to carry the constituency. but the nkf will do him in. and his strength could not balance off the negative weight of lky in the constituency. everyone would like to see lky as the president to guard the national asset, not as another mp. his role as minister mentor? well, this is seen in many ways. the pap may think it is a good thing. but will the people think so? i think if i gather a good team i should be able to win tanjong pagar today. haha, what a dream! but i think if the opposition put up a good team and fight tanjong pagar on the merits and achievements of lky and retire him, they will have a lot of listening ears. never fight tanjong pagar to discredit lky. fight tanjong pagar with the good deeds of lky and win. what a contradiction! what a paradox!


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wolong said...

then u send a team there lor lol

redbean said...

hi wolong,

welcome to my blog. i hope you enjoy the kopitiam talk here.

i am very tempted to send a team of white elephants there : )

happy chinese new year!

Elfred said...

I prefer to let the senior statesman alone... Singapore does need a legend after all.

He has done good... He has done not-so-good... We have to be critical, we have to be fair.

redbean said...

he is a legend. and there are many legends around the world, living legends in other fields.

it is better to bow out when still on a winning streak than to bow out in defeat.

defeat will come to every man. it is matter of when.

there is no invincibility in life.

Elfred said...

Defeat him or defeated by him... without good leadership and great governance, what's the point? Nothing better to do?

If he is not there as Singapore declines, and people flaring up, he might never have a chance for some realization...

The roads disasters, the Hock Kee, the Kidney death, the politics and nosense in schools, the Durai and gang with others still hiding in the shadow, the many issues... which of which isn't under the great system and meritocracy?

Just because not a soul dare to tell him, and he'd rather wait till somebody inform him something is wrong then he'd start thinking again?

Defeat or not, does it matter that much? Sigh...

redbean said...


everything comes in cycles. there is a time to grow, a time to mature and a time to fade away.

it is not our problem who wins tanjong pagar. singapore will continue to be singapore. after having so many first class talents in the right places, and if this is not enough for singapore to survive and prosper, then it will be a big joke and a very short one. like matilah said.

i believe there are many able people to continue to run this country. there will be selfless people who will take over and make this a better place for all.

no need to worry about that.

Elfred said...

Sun Yat Sun was selfless alright... he aimed for a better world but gave power to a high class devil.


Liu Bei was also selfless, he wanna avenge thinking he could because when Zhuge fought battles he was around to learn.

Zhuge was selfless... but no match for Huang Hao.

You know Redbean, I may be young in relative to political participants... but not ignorant. After all, I ain't unfamiliar with politics and such thinking.

There are various cycles... including poverty cycles. Political poverty is a disasterous cycle. Well...

redbean said...


when you flow with the tide, living is so comfortable. if you try to swim against the tide, it is tougher.

Elfred said...

Now the problem is... can we afford to flow with the tide?

Besides, when the tide does come for you to flow, isn't it better you are apt for it already? :D

redbean said...

i will be ready when the right cukong comes along.

Elfred said...

If you are waiting for PAP, I suggest you join YP.

But then and again, Reddie... If you are going to be a good element, it doesn't matter where you are cos any enlightened leader will try to seek you out.

Otherwise... you'd most probably just another commoner... hoping to look qualified to be picked up and climb the ladder...

But then... only incompetent leader heavily stuck helplessly in some mentality trap or bureacracy would... do that. After all politics isn't some INC, no matter how Singapore is perceived as some INC.

Think about it. Why should Liu Bei promote Pang Tong directly? Why shouldn't Pang Tong and many others 'go with the flow'...?

MM should become such richy wishy aristocrat before he even talked to the prince of Kedah or the big boss Tan Siew Sin... But come on...

Tell me when you think the Cukong (what is that) arrives. :D

redbean said...

haha elfred,

sometimes you wait for a cukong. sometimes if you think there is a calling, you don't wait for a cukong.

life is very unpredictable. what you want badly you might not get it. but what you do not want might end up on your lap.

be patient elfred.

Elfred said...

I badly wanted simple life... and I lost it. Rite...

I don't wanna get involved in this bloody politics, it seems I might end up having to. Else this nation will never go anyway.

I ain't gonna wait patiently for the land to end up in chaos... So, I still hope you'd see the need to start early. And I am definitely against the likes of successful businessman with a degree Goh MS coming in to help under the big fuc(ing banner: We don't owe you a living...

Hey, Reddie... you know that's nightmare if such elements' all we have in Singapore for the future.

That's the kinda LeAdEr who'd do nothing and lead followers into casualities and still condemn everyone else as whining losers. :D

Come on come on...

redbean said...

i can see the fire in your belly elfred. maybe this is your calling. history makes a man a hero.

redbean said...

or a martyr : )

Elfred said...

Fire... Nope. Reddie, it's not fire in my belly... it's what I see in my mind.

There were a couple of people, and the consensus is post MM era. I have to admit I am eager for a change... or you can say being impatient. If I have not met my wife, I probably have quietly sidelined myself as many would.

Behold... Things will drastically change in a short span of time in the future. You'd pray that good political elements as myself would be emerging under a great leadership then amidst the chaotic struggle for political dominance.

Otherwise, you will find successful leader telling you 'no one owe you a living...' :D and the fight will last long enough to destroy Singapore.

Making me a Martyr is total folly. Once the tide overflooded PAP, the worst that could have happened would be the absense of good political elements.

Many might laugh it off now... But don't forget, foreign entities are watching for MM as well. The newer generations have little resistance to exercise their votes... elsewhere when the times come.

The professionals at the opposition will help ensure and facilitate the happenings...

The rest is understandable. Which makes this election remarkably important to the history books in the future. This is the turning point, see?

redbean said...

ren suan bu lu tian suan.

tian zhi bu lu zie lou.

things can change over night. no one can tell.

Elfred said...

I know you will say that.

Simply put, when there is blood and there is a shark, you almost can be sure of things.

Things can change overnight... but there has to be an instrument, a factor...

Let's just be very very optimistic. Suppose we have a new PM, or this PM for the matter of discussion, and a political thinker really gets in, you still have a HUGE THICK FAT bureacratic war laying ahead, not to mention MANY MANY powerful smartalecs standing in the way...

Be honest with ourselves, we don't really have much political thinkers in the party (most would detect weakness and sideline), so it's fate quite sealed.

Next, powerful interest groups over at Malaysia and those disgruntled in Indonesia would be obvious issues to deal with. That's not mentioning other interests out there.

Poor governance would mean a huge potential to change tide. And unlike the older generation who would see votes decline steadily, the newer one will change it to 'all suddenly'.

People as myself are kinda site surveyors. We understand the 'sites' well enough. Not to mention, I have a first hand view. PM can say whatever he wants, but the site is just as it is.

When I first look at Mr Khaw in the eyes face to face at an event, I already know how he'd handle the NKF issue, I already posted the concern in YPforum on 'not everyone could be misled...'.

No one can tell exactly how, but some can certainly expect. Whichever is the case, politics is not the way many Singaporeans, even those in the parliament, would like it to be. Those who can't wait to see me gone would probably end up wishing there'd be more as myself.

Understand the situation, Reddie.

Ok... I confess I am not confirming, but on the other hand, there're good tell-signs. :D

Just remember, there are blood and sharks will come. Not to mention we have many other concerns as well.

I rather the decline goes on and I have a chance to pull out, instead of suddenly so many Olsen type flushes in because of changing just for the sake of changing (overnight) and I can't even withdraw in time.

redbean said...

elfred, the instrument of change is you. yes you.

you are in a very good position to make the change. you are alone to do what you want. no family commitment to bother you with.

take the chance elfred.

Elfred said...

So sarcastic.

Reform is not a slight issue. You have to engage education, manpower, and various aspects... and what can one powerless Elfred do?

If you don't wanna participate, there is no need to mock like this. I'd need good help.

redbean said...

hey elfred,

i am not mocking you. we all have our own way of doing things. we all have our views and plans.

you must think like mahathir. when he wants to build bridge and no one share his idea, he will still build his bridge, crooked does not matter. his bridge can also ends at kl. that is what a unreasonable man is. but he has his strength. he just do it.

February 08, 2006 9:52 AM