general election : preliminary round

the pap is still throwing their punches on the wp's manifesto. boon wan has come into the ring and hit at the same points. what is the wp doing? are they going to parry blow by blow? or are they taking the side step to evade the blow and taking aim at what they think will be better openings that can knock out the pap? not standing to take blows and trade blows is one tactic to adopt. but looks like wp is doing the cowboy way. stand and take the blows. and i would presume they will throw their punches while absorbing the pain. this could be the wp's strategy, knowing that pap will hit at their weaknesses, they might just take a few punches but attack the pap with more of pap's weaknesses. and at the end let the judges count who score more hits. now lets see where the wp will hit and how many punches it will throw.


Anonymous said...

My 3-cents worth advise to WP:

Hold your fire but take note of all the punches coming your way. Let PAP continues the barking. Release your "nuke" only during GE.

Never let PAP lead you by the nose and set the agenda for you.

redbean said...

hi anonymous,

agree. it is all an election strategy. the pap will pick out weaknesses of wp to attack. and likewise wp will pick out pap's weaknesses to strike.

eventually it depends on who got the most strikes. at the moment it appears that pap is one up.

we will have to see how wp launch its counter attack. think you suggestion of holding back is a good strategy.

Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean,

Good Evening.

This coming GE of Singapore is getting exciting. Looking forward to the outcome, almost as exciting as the World Cup in summer.

redbean said...

hi speed, let's see if you are back in time for the election rally. better than all the getais. this is a once in 4 years entertainment.

the preliminary round has started and very serious things have been said.