general election : prelim round 3

the response by sylvia lim to pap's attack is very sensible and reasonable. and she puts it across in a very pleasant manner. i think all politicians shall learn from her on how to communicate gentlemanly or lady like, with respect and courtesy to the other party. nothing condescending or intimidating. her defence is also very tactical. let pap sets the agenda. but wp will also set its own agenda. this is like the calling by some quarters that elite schools must play football, a game which they have conceded as not their strength, as the game is their strength. the elite school shall play whatever games they are strong in and choose to play. so in politics, same method. you hit me at my weak points. i siam and hit you at your weak points too. not that i cannot engage in a full discussion. i choose my battle ground, my time and what to fight and my agenda. so it is likely that pap will be shouting about poisons and time bombs and the opposition too will be shouting the same thing but of different nature and characteristics. i don't have to play football if i am not good in it. the show is warming up.

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