general election : my manifesto

let me suggest what i think should go into a manifesto. 1. fairer distribution of wealth to the people without undermining private enterprise and entreprenuership. 2. depoliticising of govt and non govt organisations. 3. make the presidency an honourary position. better still to do away with the presidency. a president is dysfunctional in the face of a rogue govt, like it or not. a rogue govt can change the constitution or even remove the presidency at will. 4. govt policies must be citizens first. 5. fine tuning of cost of essential services to alleviate the plight of the lower income segment of the population.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The best manifesto is no manifesto. No one can, nor has the right to engineer society.

The best way is for it to spring up from the natural order - as god and/or the universe intended it to be.


The Constitution of No Authority.



Matilah_Singapura said...

More anti-statist, anti-collectivist material:

The Road To Serfdom> by Friedrich A. Hayek.

A classic "anti-manifesto" pro-free market publication.

Here's the abridged cartoon version:


abao said...

Hmm, point 2 : "depoliticising of govt and non govt organisations." is a difficult task to succeed.

Ever since time immemorial, all governments in power seeks to gain more control on its citizens through whatever means possible, so that they can reduce opposition to the minimum, as a strong opposition undermines their absolute power.

redbean said...


a manifesto is needed for a political party who needs the vote and thus needs to tell people why they shall give them the vote. otherwise every man for himself in your world of anarchy.

i agree with abao's comment that depoliticising of the bureaucracy and ngos is not easy in a dog eats dog world. once in power, the power will consume the human sense of justice and fair play. never give an inch to the opponent. the opponent is seen as one that would do you tremendous harm if allows to do so. it becomes a very vicious contest. not very civiliised in thoughts and actions.

the americans have tried, and to a certain degree able to segregate politics from the bureaucracy, through a separation of power. their system is enshrined in a constitution that can be pulled out to impeach a president quite easily. we are far from being a civilised society in this sense. we are still brutish in politics, unrefined and callous.

we challenge and threaten each other instead of offering our vision on how we can travel down the road together. a political opponent is an enemy to be pulverised and destroyed.

but depoliticising of the bureaucracy is an ideal that must be pursud as it is attainable, though only a matter of degree. politicians shall not drag the bureaucrats into their struggle for political power. allow the bureaucrats room to exercise their good judgement and run their organisations for the good of the people and nation.

if we do not take steps towards such a goal, we will never progress as a nation, politically. we will always behave like gangsters, legitimate gangsters. and this is bad.

we have done well in many areas. but this is an area that is very important but very medieval.

Matilah_Singapura said...

>> depoliticising of the bureaucracy is an ideal that must be pursud as it is attainable, <<

Impossible. You try lah, if you succeed, I will cut off my cock and balls in public, and eat them.

redbean said...

matilah, depoliticising of the bureaucracy is as crazy and attainable as the state of anarchy.

it is a goal or a vision to work for. it is only how near or how far we get there. not having a vision then there is nothing to work for. not dreaming about anarchy then you will never try to reach there.

it is just a manifesto of ideals and goals.maybe even an empty promise. but it is to sell to the voters and for the voters to buy it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Alamak, if you want to "sell" anything in Singapore, you must have free-gifts, or at least a "Lucky Draw" - giveaway handphone or some other pricey digital trinket.

The election doesn't count as Lucky Draw. In fact I'll guarantee this election will be an UNLucky Draw!

redbean said...

must suggest to the workers party. or else they will have problems selling their manifesto. instead of offering free gifts or lucky draw they want people to pay $5.

think difficult to sell. no money very difficult to fight for anything in singapore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Democracy "works" because the party who gives away the most BELIEVABLE free gifts wins the election.

Every vote is BOUGHT. Decocracy is delightfully corrupt by nautre. And the funny thing is everyone believes it is MORAL

hahahhahahha. The voting in of HAMAS made me laugh for days...

redbean said...

haha matilah,

the basic principles never change, just like scientific laws. the basic unit or building blocks will always be the same.

people are selfish. this one you are very good at. now everything is bought or corruption, depends on how one looks at it. another founding block.

in life, self is the basic building block. but self is absent is some cuckoo minds. or the minds of inhumans. it does happen in some cases.