general election : a manifesto in question

first eng hen fired the first shot by declaring the wp's manifesto as a time bomb. then hsien loong followed by telling thia khiang to have it modified. the election battle has started. the pap's position is national interest in terms of racial harmony and questions the wp's objective through it's manifesto. should the wp change its manifesto because hsien loong suggested so? doing it will be admitting defeat at the first salvo. if not, is it able to defend its objective for racial harmony? their approach may be different, but the objective for racial harmony cannot be compromised. would the wp be able to explain how they are going to achieve this from what they have proposed? if it is just a different approach, then it is acceptable. but if what they proposed will eventually lead to a breakup of our social cohesion, they will have problems convincing the people to follow them. from my interpretation, what they have suggested are not workable. for this i agree with the pap. the impression i have is the lack of a clear thinking process in coming out with the manifesto. and if it is going to cause harm, they have lost the battle from the start. it is a pity that wp does not have strong thinkers who can come out with pragmatic policies. ideals are ideals and must be backed up with workable actions. i hope they can explain the hows. they need many explanations to do. the politics of today is not the politics of the animal farm. you cannot run away without the intellectuals providing the ballasts. the legs are not good enough without a thinking head.


Matilah_Singapura said...


redbean said...

politicians are expert in all things.

abao said...

Hmm i have not read the WP manifesto but i'm interested in it after all the fuss and artillery barrage by the PAP.

My first impression of the news article in the Sunday Times was that the WP's manifesto is being twisted to a negative perception and released to public to dampen WP's chances of winning the election serverly.

I am saddened by the response of the ruling party...

Elfred said...

No... WP should take heed and indeed change the manifesto. There is no concern of face or what.

Why would the voters be bothered with... what Elected President and removal of grassroots and such?

This is not how to handle both EP and grassroots issue.

A manifesto is like a war cry. You cannot summon enough response by such... alienating manifesto to the commoners.

abao said...

er, so in other words, a manifesto should be something more of bread and butter, is that correct?

redbean said...

the attack on the wp manifesto is just a tactic in the political contest. the pap has done well in putting the wp on the defensive. this is expected.

the wp has itself to blame for coming out with a manifesto that have some serious fundamental flaws. now it is how to defend their position and launch a counter attack.

i always have doubt about the composition of the opposition leadership. either they are not up to it or some are there to undermine the credibility of their parties. the wp manifesto is clearly not a well thought out document, revealing a lack of understanding of the political realities in our polity. the fragile inter racial relationship has to be cultivated at all times and handle sensitively. otherwise the damage is serious and difficult to control.

as for the points on presidency and helping the needy, i believe the wp should be able to convince the people as there are good reasons for them.

redbean said...

a manifesto is just a statement of what the party believes in and its goals and aspirations. it can be bread and butter or some ideals like anarchism.

but it has to be sensible and workable. ideals may be acceptable if tempered with realism as to how far they can be pushed.

Elfred said...

A manifesto has to reflect a political party's quality. In the current era, the manifesto has to be generally this: Bringing Singapore into the the next stage of National development.

Under this general theme, there requires various minor components.

Remember, Singapore is currently just 40years of age. The real next lap starts when somebody realises what are needed for Singapore to shake loose from the 60s mindsets and the INC-style politics (which is technically more of a office political nature) and direct Singapore into a real civilisation.

That is what good politicians and party would be able to come out with... Otherwise, promising $15,000 NSS would be better... :D

redbean said...


i am not interested in what they say. i will vote for $15,000 nss.

Elfred said...

Me too... Toast to S$15,000! :D

You see if they cannot offer what political leaders should, offering good cash would do.

Consider this... I'd have 7000 4sets of toto numbers, which is 28,000 chances of winning $1m reward... But it's more remote a chance if anyone in the the entire parliament can enlighten myself how in the hack is this Singapore (say, as a society) to proceed on to the next phase.

There's no underestimation, it's just seeing too much.

Toast again for S$15,000 on budget day!

BTW interested join in the quest to contest in the election after this one? Will need all the willing I can get. I will lead you to some political victory.

redbean said...


you sound serious. good. just do it. after this election everything will be changed.

me joining the fray? how come i never think of it? this is serious business and requires a lot of long meditation.

Elfred said...

Serious? Hahahaha... I suppose I have no choice, do I?

I have served under a minister for about 3 years... And in these about 900 days, have I found a place suitable for myself under the leadership?

My wife has left... I regreted again and again for coming back to Singapore, especially when the consecutive nightmares just before I returned have warned me... huanted me. My minister knows I am looking for a career, suitable to my configuration. So would all the big-boss grassroots leaders.

I made applications, and I received two rejections from those under Hawazi.

I have also seen enough of governanance towards the people. I have come to YP, hoping to find fine people of same interest... but something is not right. And I am really wondering what is Dr Balakrislan doing. People shouldn't be joining YP having discos and such. If YP were REALLY to produce future MPs or Ministers, what kind of POLITICS clue am I getting?

If I could, I'd wanna shout at MM in his face that: SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG!

He should have realized it... Or is he only good at waging warfare against other parties and Singaporeans...?

If the most powerful entity cannot find a place for a tiny follower in this Land Of Opportunities when he has difficulty doing so, then find him a place outside LOO!

I am not asking for a stake in that Pinnacle. I am not asking to be some minister. I am just regreting coming back, and getting myself so frustrated. I could have been a translator or a town teacher in China with a simple shop and my wife and I would have lived a simple life...

I missed my wife.

Elfred said...

I slept with tears yesterday night, playing the video clip of us together again and again to go to sleep.

We weren't having a very good time in Singapore, my homeland. She got frustrated. Me too. And I have to handle my family's pressure and absurdities. And the reason why I am using a outside connection spending money when there is an internet at home is very simple...

Very tough... the next phase of National development is in a mess. So small a Singapore, and so hopeless is this civilisation. Office politics run wild down into schools, unchecked. Durai-s in key position, all practising their own version of meritocracy.

It is a sad tale for me. Politics... governance...

This new year would be my toughest yet. MM Lee would not stop the chit-chatting in Parliament... nobody care for a proper national development... Those who should governing ain't governing. Those who should deal with Durai-s are being dealt with. Those who are good are suffering. Those who are evil runs free. It's the biggest messed-up in the young history of Singapore.

All I ever wanted is a simple life in a 4-room with my wife... If nobody knows what is this tiny follower good at to find a place for him, how in the hack can anyone claimed to serve a Nation?!

With what? Defamation lawsuits?!


redbean said...


my sympathy goes to you. there is no way you can fight the system. unless the mp or minister wants to make an exception. there are many exceptions.

but if the answer is no, my advice elfred, go and be with your wife. you will make a good start there. that is where the future is. and you have a little advantage now. go quickly or you will lose your advantage and a happy family.

don't wait for the moon to fall.

Elfred said...

You are wrong... Once she is gone, and I consider she is gone...

Why need leaders if all we need is a fucking smoking system?

redbean said...


may your future be bright and happy. may fortune smile on you and may you have a happy reunion.

Elfred said...

Frankly speaking... If my wife would met someone who really loves her and can provide for her, I rather she doesn't come back.

I am stucked... which is my own fault... I had that one good chance to start a life out there and curse that I must be crazy to have returned.

My wife is a good woman. She deserves a much better man. If time can turn back and I could choose again... I'd not have returned.

Look, Redbean... before good men and women can make it through their talents, the environment must become good. It won't, or you can't expect it to, change on its own.

Will ICA even bother to think twice before giving us so much headache? You see, the mentality and attitude guarantee problems. Durai would have thrive better if he had been a bit more luckier.

Under MM, SM, PM and the entire scholaristic smarties' noses... look at him and gang, and many others in key positions...

As I tell you... MM must remain in parliament There is no excuse that he can't do anything or what. He could, he can, he just won't.

redbean said...

you are right elfred. time changes and man also changes. time can change a man.

as for your wife, give her your blessing. remember the story of the village chief who bought a horse? mm's favourite story. good bad good bad....you just would not know what life has planned for you.

Elfred said...

I don't know... In my training on politics and governance, eg... in appointing, human feelings as love and hatred are non-events. Which is why (eg) you can appoint and not distrusting them... because there is no trust, or distrust.

I don't play games with her. I suppose she might wanna come back... but for what? Has she done wrong to me? Is she truthful...?

You see, most political thinkers are more of zen masters... they are very good on governance, but very reluctant to be bothered by (often illogical) relationship matters. They have no problem handling a population... but every problem dealing with a (naughty) wife.

But one thing is confirmed... without her, even if I work in a sweat shop, I'd not be able to move out and have a place of my own... Well... this is Singapore.

After the budget debate this year, I'd turn 30yo... What a good year... Urgh...

Sigh... ...
Sigh... ... ...

Let's concentrate on where interest in... it's a good way to put troubles aside.

redbean said...


don't be so depressed. after the darkest hour, dawn will break. after the biggest storm, calm will return.

adversity builds a better man. i don't think you need any pep talks to get on with your life. focus, elfred. you are very young. you have another 40 to 50 years to build your empire. look, isn't that good news. you are so lucky to have a new start.

Elfred said...

Young? 30yo isn't young anymore. When I graduated at such crappy timing, the thing seems to be set for me. XOs are still rejecting fresh grads and want them to get experience at the same time...

This meritocracy joke has to be stopped. We gotten make the governance at least make sense!

redbean said...

hey, 30 is young in today's context. hsien loong is 53 and is still young. how can you be old.

only those who are unemployable are considered old, at 45.