general election : fight on 4 issues

the wp comes out with a 52 page manifesto. the pap chooses 4 as time bombs and cornered the wp to fight on these 4 issues. for the moment the pap is taking the initiative to launch an assault at wp, especially at the two leaders low thia khiang and sylvia lim. would the wp be cornered and let the pap set the agenda for the fight? eng hen challenged the wp, lets fight on these 4 issues. very neat. surely the wp is not going to confine itself with just 4 issues. there are hundreds of issues to be debated. how wide will the battlefield be? given the resources of the pap and so many ministers still in the background, waves of attack can be expected to follow suit. there will be increasing pressure with more coordinated atacks as the election approaches. the campaign trail has started, sooner than the announcement of an election. is it a good thing to start the fight so early? would the issues be talked to death and people be bored by the time the election actually started? sometimes harping on issues too early and too often may lose its novelty and impact. would it be better to throw them out hot in the midst of the election instead of discussing now when the election could even be delayed to god knows when. the date has yet to be fixed. lets hope the contestants will fight fairly and not hit under the belt. lets hope the issue will boil and be properly fried during the actual election campaign.


http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

Dear sir/Madam

Statement of the SDA released on 26 January 2006

The SDA is astonished at the patronizing and condescending way the PAP
ministers publicly admonished the WP on four issues of its 52 page

The PAP's arrogant behaviour is like that of a school master
rebuking a primary school pupil. It is surely not for the PAP to say that it
is right and that the WP is wrong. It is for the voters to say that by the
way they cast their votes.

Election is all about choices and all political
parties are free to make their proposals and the electorate are free to
choose. By intervening in the election arena at this early stage, the PAP
only betrays its own thinking. It knows that what the WP advocates presently
are things good for the workers which the PAP has fought for in the past and
subsequently reneged on promises it had made to the workers.

In its past
Manifesto, the PAP promised that it will "resist any attempt to pass on to
workers, by way of wage cuts, the burden of any economic recession". The PAP
subsequently broke that promise. In the recession of the 1990s, the PAP cut
the wages of the workers by reducing employers' CPF contributions. Workers
sacrificed millions of dollars to put the economy of Singapore back on its
feet. Yet up till today the CPF cut has not been restored to the workers.
When the WP calls for more subsidies to the poor, the PAP calls it a "time
bomb" and "a poison".

The past Manifesto of the PAP also said that "It should be the duty of the
state to provide for the sick, for those who for one reason or another are
unable to work, the young and the aged or those disabled through industrial
injuries." That promise made by the PAP went further than the proposal of
the WP's intention to give more subsidies. Yet today, PAP ministers are
calling the WP's relatively mild proposal to give more subsidies a "time
bomb" and a "poison".

The above quotes from a PAP's past Manifesto is evident that the PAP did not
mean what it said. It only shows that the PAP is a tough fighter in
elections. It will use every means within its bounds to achieve victory. The
people of Singapore must be made aware on how the PAP operates at election
time. The recent outbursts of PAP ministers against the WP must be taken
only as an election tactic of the PAP.

You have to make the decision yourself whether the WP's points in its
Manifesto are good for Singapore and for you. Make your own decision
courageously, do not be influenced by the PAP ministers, although they may
come out so forcefully.

Yours sincerely


redbean said...

it will be interesting to review pap's earlier manifestoes like what chiam said, that have deviated from pro workers/people to something else.

it can be quite enlightening.