fuzzy logic or suka suka principle

according to a forumer in the today paper, he supports fuzzy logic in the moe. his reasons, scholars must be allowed to take any course they like as long as they have a passion in the subject. or when a talented person has a strong passion, he should be allowed to do anything he wants. sounds very familiar isn't? spending public money to satisfy one's own fancy? my view is that if it is your own money, go ahead, splurge on anything. who cares. you can make yourself the happiest person in taking a course in sexology too, if that is where your passion lies. in the case referred to by the forumer, leong szehian, he was uncomfortable that A star scholars were told to buck up and score good grades to prepare them for r and d jobs on their return. and isn't this is what the students were told before accepting the scholarship? they knew why they were sent for their studies. there is a specific objective. why are people advocating or negating on their undertakings after signing on the dotted line? is it because they are talented and can do whatever they want, without any principles or ethics? in the first place, do not accept the scholarship if you have no intention of fulfilling it. it is a breach of faith. unethical and unacceptable. it is not your father's money that you are spending. but in the pursuit of fuzzy logic, to a point it is acceptable. for some special talents, fuzziness is good as they can then go wild with their exceptionable talents and perhaps discover a new theory. fuzzy logic is not for the ordinary men in the street. fuzziness is inborn among the ordinary men. they have no logic to start with and many things they do are fuzzy in a natural way. but i believe the moe's fuzziness is a managed fuzziness, intended fuzziness at a different plane. and certain organisations may specifically allocate funds to scholars under such a programme. but it cannot be fuzzy logic throughout the whole nation, at random. everyone suka suka do anything they want. imagine every administrator in public service applies the suka suka principle, or fuzzy logic, what will happen?

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