fuzzy logic and the moe

for many years we have refined our education system to be one of the best in the world. and when we are just starting to get the recognition we deserved, we are starting to dismantle it. the danger of what we are doing now will only tell in 20 or 30 years down the road as is being experienced in malaysia. we have to be very careful while we toil around with education policies. we need flexibilities and fuzziness. but these should be reserved for the fuzzy students, a small group that cannot fit into the general system because they are either too good or too poor academically. what are we having now? integrated programmes, no o level exam, independent schools, international baccalaureate, nus system, excluding the rest at the lower levels. in the 50s nd 60s, our education system was just a formal school system that caters for all. then this was changed and improved. we went through streamings and specialisations. now we are returning to the free for all system. do what you like fuzziness, in a way like the good old days. mix the good with the bad, make sportsmen into bright students and bright students into sportsmen. make all rounders. turn all the elite or academically brilliant students into average students? let them be a bit of everything. so so in studies and so so in sports. life if fun. do not put them under too much pressure. experiment is the key, try everything. we are trying with our future generations. if we are not careful, we will also experiment with the future of the nation. we will turn out too many fuzzy students with fuzzy thinking and fuzzy leaders.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Central planning is the begining of the demise of the cuntry. BTW, the demise is going quite well - right on track for a calamity in 10-30 years time.

"Make your life your own, or someone else will make take over and make a life for you." That someone-else is usually some powerful social institution: family, tradition, culture, religion... and The State

redbean said...

a little control and moderation is always necessary. like a gardener doing a little trimmings now and then to manage the growth or errant growth. what is frightening is reckless pruning that one loses control and causes damages that are beyond repair.

education is a long term process and any changes must be done in small steps. now instead of doing the foxtrot, we are doing the wild dance. no steps, just jumping around.

i am worried. very worried.