ezlink card: super efficiency or profit crazy

for all the students who have just completed their 'o' level exam and are waiting for their results, some may have proceeded to jcs immediately, and some may still be waiting for entry to polys. many are still holding on to their student ezlink cards. what has happened is that the cards have been reprogrammed to charge them non student concession rate without any announcement. and for those students who have gained admission to jcs, they will be happily paying adult rate if they did not check their cards. and if they do, they would likely have to get the jcs to verify their student status and get mrt to revert them to student rates. any refund? this is efficiency in singapore that is not only ugly but frightening. can't the authorities be graceful enough to let the children use the c0ncession cards for a couple of months till after the 'o' level result is out? why the eagerness to earn those extra few cents from school children? well, are they working for their own bonuses or what? so, are privatisation and profitability turning humans into mindless greedy robots? shall we pray to this new god called privatisation? are we becoming a passionless society where everyone thinks of nothing but money?


Speedwing said...

When it comes to money, I honestly think that there will be little bending of rules. This is the Singapore way.

redbean said...

this will be another case of students paying extra when they need not have to. and many will not claim for refund or did not know how or too troublesome to do so.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, not only ugly but frightening. Take for example, a case not too long ago, when in order to stop children from playing football in the void decks iron spikes were installed on the walls.

Don't the officials feel shame treating children like animals. It showed how wicked they were.

Singaporeans have almost everything, but want of a cultured mind. Especially are those in official positions.

redbean said...

brilliance is not wisdom. the brilliance of our administrators is still very sharp and can cause a lot of pain. it needs age to mellow down the harshness in the thinking, like wine.

too young, too rash, too smart, can become evil without even knowing it.

agree with you the spikes are rude and threatening.