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there were complains by parents that top elite schools did not play football. the reason given by the schools is that they excelled in other areas and football is not their cup of tea. this is what i think a reasonable answer. but no, it is not acceptable. the reasoning is that the elite school students must play football to socialise with the non elite students. is that a good reason? the next reason is that the parents want their children who enjoy playing football to play them at the school level, for fun. now, is that another good reason? for fun they can play any where, can't they? schools, and independent schools, yes independent, must be allowed to think independently and do what they think is good for their students. it is their choice to allocate time and resources to what they do best or want to do best. what's wrong with not playing football? there are many other ways and opportunities to socialise with the non elite students. or why can't the non elite students socialise with the elite students in activities that the elite students do? why is the onus or burden be on the shoulder of the elite students? or is elitism bad? if bad then we should not promote elitism. make everyone average and happy playing football. or shall all the elite students pierce their ears or roam orchard road because the non elite students do that, and get the chance to socialise and understand them better? smoke like them and dress like them to be like them? for those parents who want their children to have fun playing football, send them to the football fields anywhere or in the hdb courts and play lah. why must insist that the school provide for them? the school don't provide then cannot play?


redbean said...

there were several unhappy responses to top schools not competing in footballs and the criticisms were less than enlightening. top schools fear to lose and must win in everything they do.

why don't they look at it in another way? top schools are selective and use their brains to contest in things that they are good and allocate their limited resources accordingly. and knowing their limitations, they know they cannot win in everything. this against mediocre brains that want to do everything in mediocrity.

top schools did not want students to mix with neighbourhood schools because neighbourhood schools play football and they don't. put it the other way, neighbourhood schools did not want to mix with top schools because they chose to do things top schools are not doing.

what is wrong with trying to excel in what they are doing? why must top schools play football if they choose not to? is football the only thing in life worth living for?

leave the nerds to do what is best in them. leave the sportsmen to do what is best in them. if they meet ok, if they don't also ok. they belong to different worlds.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Schools are de-facto prisons and concentration camps for the de-individualization of young minds, such that they become slaves of the corporate and state masters.

Kids are stripped of their individuality - look at uniforms, and singing the national anthem, and saying the pledge.

Actually I shouldn't complain. Today's brain-washed child is tomorrows easily hypnotized consumer. If it were't for mind manipulation, my bumhood would come to an end, and I would have to get a bloody job!

So perhaps, I should champion state and corporate MIND CONTROL OF CHILDREN!

redbean said...

i notice that the new generation is very different from us. they started to think from very young and you can see the individuality in each of them.

the schools is a programming machine no doubt. they insist that they want the young to be independent and creative. but now even what games they should play and who they should play ball with is to be managed by the power to be.

the sillyness of this is that the power to be is responding to some public nonsense in the newspaper forum. when they are supposed to the thinking they are not.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yeah one notices that there are some who seem "more individual". But I think that is a false observation because there are more people in school now.

Also today, because of the higher levels of wealth overall, on a certain level, people in general, including kids are more empowered - mobile phones, PC's, internet, cheap international travel, etc.

However, the govt still carries a big stick, and still wields the carrot as well.

Same sickness: Internal conditioning, constantly reinforced by social memes.