crooked bridge is a blessing

let's count the blessing from the crooked bridge. 1. it takes away the grouching and bitching between the two countries. let them build it and be happy. they have to appease their own people. and we need not finance a bridge that we do not want. 2. probably they will have to terminate the railway at jb. the train can't possibly climb the crooked bridge. we can then join up with our mrt, maybe under the causeway if it is demolished. 3. a good tourist attraction for both sides. 4. the cost of paying new toll may persuade casual singaporean visitors not to go in unless it is worth the trip. this will help to ease the jam. 5. hopefully when the malaysian side raise the toll fee the singaporean side will not do so as the cost of the bridge is borne by malaysia only. but singapore side can charge a fee for a view of the infamous bridge.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean

Having read the papers on the decision by the Malaysian government to go ahead with the construction of the crooked bridge, I must admit I am terribly disappointed that the matter has come to this.

The way I see this, Malaysia wants to replace the existing causeway because cargo ships cannot use the strait being blocked by the existing low bridge. The causeway would improve the cargo business at Pelapas. This is obviously not good news for PSA. Singapore is willing to agree to a new straight bridge if Malaysia would agree to some demands on other issues from the Singapore govt. Malaysia wants to treat every issue under separate agenda but Singapore sees the benefit in a combination of issues.

I must agree with the Malaysian govt on this. The bridge issue should be treated on it own.

Well, Malaysia will build a bendy bridge and cargo vessels will, I presume, be able to pass under the Malaysian crooked bridge. Pelapas will benefit from this and PSA will have less business. One day the other issues will be discussed between the two governments and I can predict what the Malaysian govt will say when Singapore ask for any concession.

My 2 cents worth.

redbean said...

at one time we were laughing at singapore airline. flying from paya lebar airport to tengah air base or to seletar airport.

the straits will facilitate small ships plying between pelepas and pasir gudang. for big ships crossing from indian ocean to south china sea, no difference. the straits is too narrow and hazardous, prone to accident and has to slow down, maybe towed by tugboats. no real savings or economic value for international shipping.

as for packaging a deal or separating a deal, singapore have always apply the principle fairly and up to malaysia to pick and choose. but malaysia has decided, now and then, to put or take out.

state negotiations and business negotiations have to be done correctly. under table give and take are different issues. after dealing with the malaysians for so long, it is very difficult for singapore to deal with them on every issue separately, especially on some key issues.

it is difficult to deal with someone who resorts to threats and political pressure or even international pressure, and would even do things unilaterally. the building of the bridge is the best example of the mentality. i want to build. i want to build a bridge. i don't care if you like it or not. i just build. and they build, half completion by now without a single input from the other side of the bridge.

no matter how polite one tries to describe such behaviour, it is difficult to put in a good word. it is beyond reasons and logic.