chiam see tong too old, can't do much

this issue will be raised in the coming elections and have been in the papers several times. it is in the today paper again. chiam's, at 70, is considered too old. by who's standard? singaporeans better prepare themselves to work to 70 or 80 or till they die. retirement is only for those who have made it financially in life. funny thing is that those who have made it will also refuse to retire. so lets all work till we die. 70 is never too old. life begins at 55. the other argument against chiam is that he cannot do much. what he cannot do much is the redevelopment of the estate and upgrading, which everyone knows, is due to his purse string. he does not have the resources that even a non mp has. cannot blame him. and i think everyone understands this point. harping on this could backfire. people want to see fair play, level playing field. everyone is a tax payer and they want to see their tax money being distributed equitably to benefit everyone, without strings attached. no one will be happy if they are perceived to have their arms twisted. but if you are on the other side of chiam, all these are seen at political tactics, part of the game, nothing about being fair or unfair. the winners called the shot. and there will always be people who share this view as there will be people who share the other view. the election result will tell which group has more supporters. so far it has been proven that the people who wants to see fair play and do not mind chiam being 70 years young are still in the majority. and the only tactics applied to win over more supporters from chiam are mainly two. chiam is old and ineffective. chiam cannot give out goodies. but would the people see chiam contributing in other areas, like defending their interests in parliament, as more important? there will also be people who like to support the underdogs, especially when they are decent, honest and sincere.


Anonymous said...

Is there a law in Singapore that stipulated that MP or Minister must retired at certain age??

If there isn't then we don't have an issue here.

redbean said...

i don't think there is an age limit for people standing for election.

as for calling chiam old, it depends on who one is supporting. those who are not supporting chiam will claim that he is old.

those who support chiam will claim that chiam is young.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not wrong, MM LKY is older than Chiam. If Chiam is too old to run for coming election, so is MM LKY.

MM LKY should have retired from Parliament long long ago; already gone past the expiry date.

At such an old age, he should have moved a step backward and let PM Lee handles the SIA Management and SIA Pilot Union affair.

redbean said...

mmmmmmmm....my lips are sealed.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

Our MP Chiam principles are freedom of Singaporean, equality to all Singaporean and serve our people with love and sincere heart.

We are the people MP, By the people, for the peple and of the people.

Chiam views and insights on Singapore's future economic development, infrastructure and political system

Our MP Chiam principles are freedom of Singaporean, equality to all Singaporean and serve our people with love and sincere heart.

We are the people MP, by the people, for the people and of the people.

Chiam views and insights on Singapore's future economic development, infrastructure and political system

MP Chiam and Sufferings of the Singaporean People — the Singaporean in this generation can look back to Singapore, retrace the path Chiam walked and remember his ideals, striving for equality and fraternity.

(White Horse Family and Farmer Family)

Dr Sun Yet Sun said if you want to be a good leader you must like Chiam serve with love and Sincere.

Dr Sun Yet Sun said Democracy is like a sun light that shining bright future to the suffering people. SDA Long Live

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

In his seat for more than 20 years, SDA and SPP chief Chiam See Tong could win in Potong Pasir while NSP's NCMP Steve Chia, seen to be Chiam's successor in SDA, will be fighting to improve his image over a scandal saga in 2003.

redbean said...

hi darkbrightside,

i believe what chiam stands for is reasonable. what is important now is for him to get himself heard more often. he can remain a gentleman and still raise issues objectively, for the good of the people.

redbean said...

hi darkbrightside,

you must advise chiam not to be complacent. he must get himself heard. otherwise he will lose the support from the ground. there is no guarantee who will win in an election. he has to be seen to be working.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

PAP want to make Potong Pasir and Hougang into GRC's.

If PP still in SMC's maybe more Toa Payoh blocks will move the SMC's

PAP grassroot had done many hard job to get votes. Reason just for Pride and 100% support and Dr Chee is wrong.

Chiam also a good listener to the voter, only the different he is not a Minister or PM. He task is train more politician for better Singapore.

We will repect God will and the voter will.

Thank you Redbean

Matilah_Singapura said...

All PAP stooges need to retire....

... whilst the Head Dicktator goes into the "private" sector to do more meddling in his dotage.

Anonymous said...

MM LKY is not doing a great service to our PM by continually getting himself involve in the SIA Management and SIA Pilot Union affair.

It only reinforce the poor or unfavourable perception that people have over our PM. He still need his daddy to watch over his shoulder all the time after so many years in politics.

As a matter of fact, I pity our PM. If MM LKY is serious in helping his son, he has to learn when to let go. MM LKY won't be with him forever. PM Lee has to grow up fast.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

Chiam is a Politician

He never think to win anything from Singaporean

He always hope SPP and SDP can unite one day

He is sincere to God and our fellow citizen

He will continue to train politician in SPP, SDA, PKMS, NSP and SDP.

He put his love to all Singaporean, on his Democratic Political Career.

Young People like Desmond Lim, Md Ali, Dr Chee and Steve Chia should support him and never give out.

redbean said...

this is like the saying 'being kind and ended up unkind.' i would like to see lky take a step back, maybe 10 steps back, and let hsien loong go and bash his path while he is still close enough to do the necessary. that way hsien loong could earn his spurs earlier.

redbean said...


by being too kind, chiam is not a politician. he is going to the like young sunyatsen. too idealistic and trusting and ended up being ousted.

as a politician he must carry a stick at times and exert his leadership.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

What happen in SDP was a history.

He look like Dr Sun Yet Sen path.

Dr Chee is Chiam good friend

May our God bless Singapore Long Live

redbean said...


chee has an image problem. chiam too has an image problem other than his strength as a decent good man. he must come out and stand out as a politician, an opposition leader. not a school teacher.

if he wants to be a politician, be like one. but with principles and decency.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...


PKMS, SDP, NSP & SPP is look like a SDA big family.

WP and SDA CCC links is look like a Opposition Front.

May a leadership will form with PAP Link as Singapore Ruling Front after election.

It is too early to tell who are the leader for Democratic Government in Singapore.

redbean said...

ya, it is too early. wait till the opposition win a couple of grcs, then the image of an opposition front will appear. and opposition will be taken more seriously.

time will tell. and things will change with time.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

The Leader always come from ex-MP, ex-Ministers or ex-DPM.

Very rare come from new politician

redbean said...

you must learn from history.

when a system of govt or dynasty is progressing smoothly, everything must move according to the rules and system.

when there is a change of govt, a change of a dynasty, anything can happen. mao was not an mp but a librarian turn politician. putin was not an ex mp but a kgb chief.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

But CPIB Chief, SAF Chief, Police Chief or other top excutives from NGO's, GLC's and Government department seen no one dare to join opposition.

Prime Minister Office and President Office seen nobody dare to join opposition.

New politician still on leaning stages

May I over look them. This all God will and the voters will

Thank you to share the view.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

People support Democracy Process is not mean one ruling party and one good government is no good but is because mindsets and this is year 2000 and not 1900.

I am not anti government but i am trying to understand Singaporean needs.

redbean said...

being in an opposition party is not anti govt or anti country. it is the right of every citizen to join a political party. it is the duty and responsibility for citizens to offer themselves as candidates for election.

contesting for political power by constitutional. the people must say a big thank you to all opposition parties for their conviction and courage to stand up to represent the people.

Elfred said...


Politicians can be trained... but how would Mr Chiam be able to train politicians? You need a political thinker to do the training, and to attract more to your ranks.

Oh mine...


Mr Chiam has made many notes, in and out of parliament. But as I wrote in my blog, he's no more than David Marshal if he is the way he is.

Obviously I and MM Lee has certain similar approach to politics which is quite unique in our own rights.

There can only be one. But is it a Mr Chiam, or SPP?

If that's SPP, how would Mr Chiam approach it? We already see how SPP moves for years... isn't it?

redbean said...


what are the unique parts you are referring to? maybe you can share with darkbrightside.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

Singapore Democratic Party
Registered on 8 September 1980 by Chiam See Tong and Fok Tai Loy, it was once the strongest opposition party in post-independent Singapore and had a record of three seats in Parliament, the first opposition party to hold more than one seat since BS in 1963.
Singapore People's Party
Registered on 21 November 1994, it is a breakaway faction of SDP formed SDP leader Chiam See Tong. Just before GE1997, Chiam left SDP to join SPP. When SDA was formed, SPP gave up its logo to SDA and adopted the present one.
Singapore Democratic Alliance
Registered on 3 July 2001, the newest political entity in the registers is an umbrella alliance consisting of SPP, NSP, SJP and PKMS, and is led by Chiam See Tong, the longest-serving and second opposition MP to be elected into Parliament in post-independence Singapore.
In SDP, he had trained politician who are born before 1965.
In SDA, he had trained politician who are born after 1965.
Sure many young people will not agree with him due to we do not the experience how PAP handle MCA, KMT, PCM, BS, UMNO, PKMS and WP after 1965.
We only come to know after we see Tang LH, J. B. Jeyaretnam and Dr Chee issues than we agree with him.
This is his history. Maybe we need him to write his story.

Elfred said...

Unique parts? You mean the weak constituencies?

I have an updated list... but it's not for public eyes. :D

redbean said...

the weak constituencies are common knowledge to those who wants to know or are following the political devt of the country. the opposition also will have a list though it may be slightly different.

both will view which is strong and weak through their own lenses.

Elfred said...

But obviously, their lens are now reaching correctly over the past decades. :D

Anyone here knows who is this 李春发, who is what senior Grassroot Leader? Anyone knows who the abcd constituency he's from?

Like I said... too many durians could running around...

redbean said...


what is wrong with this lichunfa? you seem very unhappy over him.

Elfred said...

Of course I am unhappy. He is a leader made by the party and yet with a questionable... something. And now, he comes after my wife accusing her for some missing $600, retained her salary (on Monday, they released the monies) and according to my wife, instead of getting the police, she was asked to pay S$2000!? How absurd.

And when was the miserable S$600 missing? Nov!? (You are invited to read my blog for understanding what I gathered so far). Other people please shun it, thanks.

How in the fuck can I not be pissed off, especially when it concerns my wife?! We ain't that rich, but S$600 isn't worth her effort!

And observe how the restaurant manage workers, it's not even her best job. What is this (retired) Grassroot LEADER thinking? Is it that a China lady can be pushed around? Paying $2000 and with her salary retained means my wife work in such condition would have got nothing in return!?

redbean said...

elfred, if this is the owner of the restaurant, and if your wife is a bargainable staff, go and complain to the mom. a company cannot withhold the salary of an employee without good reasons.

and if this guy abuses his authority, go to the mp or cpib. fight the power with power.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/singaporebrightallia said...

Only vote a good government will solve the poor Singaporean. If not no way out.

Poor Singaporean has prove you are innocent but the judge still can help them. SPH still will help them.

This majority Singaporean feedback in KPT but not in the public.

redbean said...

the definition of good is changing. so you just won't know what is good. or good according to who.

4 legs are good. 2 legs are bad. can become 4 legs are good and 2 legs are better.

Elfred said...

Aiyah... many problem lah. This is grassroot thingy. It has always been a problem obvious in Singapore. Look at the funny custodian fee for CLOB. They chap? No...

As if I never raised the matter before to the minister, even to CASE I visited, and not mentioning the self-proclaiming white knight...

That's why... all waiting for a savior.