budget terminal ok

someone replied that the name budget terminal is fine as it truly reflects the character of the terminal, for budget travellers only. ok, ok, i accept that. from now onwards all hdb flats shall be called budget flats or cheap flats. no more rivervale or riverdale or whatever. punggol just call punggol, sengkang just call sengkang. punggol lane 1, 2 and 3. sengkang lane 4, 5 and 6. so no punggol sixth avenue huh. budget names are good for budget things. cheap food courts, cheap shops. we can retain names like kopitiams. this should be fine. where is my blakang mati? sentosa? weird? can budget people be allowed to have a little illusion and hallucination? i remember the story when the poor farmer told his children that yellow sweet potato is called pork and red sweet potato is called roast meat. facing reality everyday can be quite painful actually. changi international airport for rich travellers, budget terminal for not rich travellers. nice, truthful, appropriate and pragmatic.

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